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Your Guide to Fall Lawn Care

The fall season has arrived and presents new challenges for keeping your lawn looking great. Although preventing bare spots and ensuring your grass is green, thick and leaf-free requires more effort, having a proper fall lawn care plan in place can make keeping your lawn looking great much easier. 

Useful Tips for Fall Lawn Care

Fall lawn care should include soil testing, fall fertilizing, removing leaves and debris, mowing and watering the lawn and taking action to prevent bare spots. The following is a review of each maintenance tip and how to execute it with quality, predictable results and remain consistent in your lawn care effort. 

Soil testing and fall fertilizing

Soil testing is important to determine the proper care for your lawn and find out how acidic the underlying soil is. The soil pH level should help you determine which fall fertilizer you should use. You can find fall fertilizer and grass seed for your lawn at a local garden supply store. Ideally, you want to apply fertilizer as early in the fall months as possible. You should also kill any undesirable weeds in your lawn as well. 

Remove leaves and debris

Leaves and other debris that falls from trees, off your roof, etc. can negatively affect the appearance of your lawn. Without regular maintenance, the leaves and debris can pile up, making your lawn look worse and more challenging to clean up. Therefore, consistently raking your lawn and removing leaves and debris during the fall season at least once per week is important. Be sure to keep your equipment put up and off the lawn when it is not in use to prevent bare spots. 

Mow and water regularly

Grass continues to grow until frost hits it in the winter months. Therefore, homeowners should continue their regular mowing schedule that they had in the summer. Be careful not to mow the lawn too short as it may increase the risk of bare patches or grass that looks thin. Evaporating water is not as much of a concern during the fall months, but it is still important to water the lawn as necessary to ensure it continues to grow and remain healthy throughout the fall.

Stick to your lawn care schedule

After you establish a schedule for fertilizing, mowing, watering and cleaning up your lawn, it becomes about proper execution of your lawn schedule. Be sure to stick to your schedule with consistency. This should ideally include cutting your lawn several times each month, watering it when it becomes dry due to hot and sunny weather or a lack of rain and repairing bare spots (see below). 

Prevent and repair bare spots

You can find all the materials you need to repair bare spots at a local seed and garden supply store. Check for bare spots regularly and repair them when they develop as soon as possible. To prevent bare spots, keep cars and equipment off of the lawn as much as possible, in addition to walking on the lawn as little as possible as well.

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