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Would You Live In a Movie Theater or Zoo to Save Money on Rent?

indexWould you live in a movie theater or zoo to save money on rent?  That sounds like an odd question, but it’s a very real question for some people living in London and New York.  Rent prices for these two modern cities have reached rates never before seen.  It’s gotten so out of control that people are seriously considering living in a movie theater.

Here’s a true story about such a dilemma.

A musician by the name of Chaz John Ross, was recently evicted from his apartment in East London, one that he had been living in for over nine years.  People in these areas are willing to pay such high prices that owners will keep raising rates until the market tells them to stop.  All the while, people like Chaz are left trying to figure out how to put a roof over their head.

Struggling musicians may not make much, but they are crafty.  Chaz decided to survey his options, and he discovered it was actually cheaper for him to move his belongings into storage, pay a gym membership for showering, then buy all day and night movie tickets for living.  He said you can plug your electronics into outlets at the theater and of course there are the refreshments and movies to keep you entertained.  The only downside is you have to clear the theater for 15 minutes between movies for cleaning.  That means you’d need to sleep in 2-3 hour increments.

Figures were calculated for New York City and they too have would be less to live in a theater or zoo than to rent an apartment.  A studio apartment in New York averages about $2,164/month.  If you want a separate bedroom then you’ll pay $2,634 on average.  If you bought five movie tickets per day, late afternoon and night movies, you’d pay about $1,650/month.  Keep you items in storage for $80/month and get a gym membership for $45/month and you’ve just saved yourself a lot of extra cash each month.  The zoo is even cheaper but of course that wouldn’t be too good during the winter months.

O.k. but what does any of these have to do with a real estate company in Murfreesboro, TN?  If you can get away from the city and move to the beautiful hills of TN, you could have a 2,400 square foot house on a 1/3 of an acre for $1,300/month!  Not only that but it could be a house built within the past 2 years!  Middle Tennessee has become a hot spot over the past ten to fifteen years for people from all over the United States.  Jobs have grown like a weed and home values have stayed strong.  Nashville and Middle Tennessee is no longer the best kept secret in the country.  The word is out and it’s time to stop living out of movie theaters and give yourself a chance to really enjoy life!

We have thousands of listings that people of any budget can afford.  Call us today to speak with a qualified real estate professional and let us save you some money, so you can go to the movies for fun!


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