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Why Using Drones to Photograph Real Estate Could Get You in Trouble

2_Parrot_AR.Drone_2.0_in_flightWelcome to the 21st Century. Drones, Google Glass, Smart Watches, etc are all apart of our technology landscape now. What seemed to be a page from a futuristic novel is now available on store shelves. Amazon has recently talk about employing drones for personal deliveries, and Barnes & Noble now sells drones in its stores.

Now we are starting to see drones used in the real estate industry. Realtors depend on quality photography to display properties to would be buyers. The use of drones will give realtors coveted video angles and still shots that can’t be taken from the ground. Hiring private helicopters are generally out of the question and using grainy satellite images are not ideal. This is where drones provide the perfect solution to getting those overhead and wide angle shots that will compliment a professional real estate portfolio.

All this sounds good right? So, where is the trouble? Well, up until now the FAA prohibits the use of drones for commercial purposes. But don’t worry, just this week they granted the first permit for commercial drones in Alaska. This is sure to open up to the rest of the country very soon.

Some realtors in Texas and California are skirting the law and using drones anyway. Some in California are charging for their video service and not for the actual drone flights.

Using drones to video and photograph properties is a great cutting edge idea, but be sure to check with your local authorities before taking on such ventures.

One unique idea when using drones is for waterfront property. It’s gives you the ability to shoot the property from a level off the water that boats don’t offer. Once the FAA gives the green light for commercial drone use, the look and feel of real estate photography will be changed forever.

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