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What Type of Flooring is Right For Your Home?

Bamboo_FlooringIf you are like most modern home owners, you desire a flooring that is pleasing to the eye, something that holds its value, and a floor that is easy to maintain.  Most people settle on a varying hardwood or a hardwood laminate.  While these are popular choices, you may not realize there are unique flooring options such as brick, belts, and paper.  Here we will give you home flooring options to ponder.


No longer is cork used just to seal your favorite wine.  You can outfit your play room or music room with a cork flooring.  Cork is soft to walk on and is a great insulator.  You maybe thinking you don’t want a beige colored floor.  No worries, with cork you can pretty much get just about any color you want.


Do you have a small bathroom, walkway, or closet you want to make different.  Did you know you could use coins for flooring.  Most people use pennies, because it takes a lot to make up the floor, plus the copper look and feel creates a rustic look.  If you want to get fancy and impress your friends, you could opt for dimes or quarters.


Stone flooring has a sturdy, bold feel.  Stone has been used in kitchens, foyers, or used throughout a house.  If you are looking for a natural, yet easy to maintain flooring then stone maybe the material for you.


Brick isn’t just for your exterior walls.  You can use it for flooring as well.  Brick would be a great option if you had a downtown loft or a rustic villa.


Do you live in a coastal town?  If so, pebbles are a trendy option.  They present a lesser than smooth experience, but a shower or bathroom could be a viable place for pebble flooring.  Pebbles are sold in sheets, so unlike the coins you can lay this flooring fairly quick.


Yes, you can make your floor out of paper.  Brown paper bags and various other paper options have been used to create flooring.  A quick browse on Pinterest for paper flooring can provide hundreds of projects around paper flooring.  Obviously paper is inexpensive and can be finished in a way to create a variety of looks.


If you use belts for your flooring you will definitely separate yourself apart from your neighbors.  Recycled leather belts are now available in panels that can be laid as flooring or as wall coverings.  This would be a neat idea for a western design or woodsy cabin.


Do you live in a mansion or want to project a high brow atmosphere?  Marble is the way to go.  Marble is expensive but it’s essence and visual appeal are undeniable.  Marble goes well with butlers, fountains, and expensive art collections.

Consult your local flooring company or contractor for these or other flooring ideas.

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