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What to Do With Your Christmas Tree When You Are Done With It

Christmas has officially come and passed, and it is now time to take down your Christmas tree. If you are like many, you may not be exactly sure of the best way to dispose of or use your Christmas tree. However, there are several great ways to make the most of your tree to ensure you continue getting use out of it after Christmas day is over.

Creative ways to use your Christmas tree

Many if not most would throw their Christmas tree away, but fortunately, more are considering the more environmentally-friendly ways of disposal. The following are four effective and unique ways to use your Christmas tree once you are done with it. 


The easiest alternative to throwing your Christmas tree away once you are done with it is recycling. There are several ways to recycle your Christmas tree, including turning it into mulch or compost(see below). The quickest way, however, is to either place it into curbside recycling pickup or take it to a recycling center. There may be some restrictions for pickup to be aware of. Some sellers may also allow you to return it to where you bought it from as well. 


There are many benefits to a beautiful and useful mulch to cover the soil around your home. Mulch helps conserve soil moisture and can improve the aesthetic appearance of the exterior of your house. Instead of purchasing mulch, you can utilize the mulch material that exists with your Christmas tree. All you need is small tools you have around your home to remove the branches and you will have a fair amount of quality, natural mulch to use, saving you money and time from a trip to the store. 


Using your Christmas tree as compost is similar to using it for mulch. Whereas mulch is more to improve the appearance of the exterior of your home, you can also use the branches and tree bark to supplement the soil and control moisture as well. If you plan to use your Christmas tree as compost, it is best to break the material up into smaller pieces and wait longer before applying the compost material.


Firewood is an essential component for many when it comes to keeping the home warm during the winter months. For many, however, quality firewood is often hard to find, causing many to pay high prices for firewood. You can, instead, use your Christmas tree for a little additional firewood to help heat your home. When chopping up the tree to salvage it as firewood, be sure to salvage all small parts for kindling, ensuring every piece of your Christmas tree provides good use after the holidays are over.  

The bottom line

In a world that is becoming more environmentally-conscious, it is good to have a plan for your Christmas tree now that the holidays are over. There are many ways to put your Christmas tree to good use, and the choice is yours to make.


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