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What to Do with All Your Uneaten Halloween Candy

Halloween is officially over, and if you are like most, you probably have a lot of uneaten candy that you do not know what to do with. Of course, you can always just eat the extra candy, but there are other more clever ways to make the most out of the extra treats. 

Make The Most of Halloween Leftovers

By making the most of your Halloween leftovers, you might perhaps be able to put it to better use, make someone’s day better or help make your time at work or school more pleasant. The following are four clever and unique ways to get the most out of your extra Halloween candy. 

Save it for later

Perhaps the easiest way to handle leftover Halloween candy is to save it for later. With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, you are likely to have guests come over to your home and having candy available can be a great way to make the most of the situation, especially if your guests have children. Most candy can be preserved at room temperature, and you can simply place the bowl of leftover candy in a closet, although many prefer to freeze the candy instead.

Make a delicious treat

Another great way to make the most of your leftover Halloween candy is to combine it all together and make a delicious homemade treat, such as a cookie cake with Reese’s pieces,  There are many ways to combine your candy and turn it into one delicious treat, and you can feel free to experiment with it. Halloween candy is often delicious no matter how you eat it, and since it is leftover, it is okay to take some risks in an effort to create the ultimate homemade dessert. 

Donate the candy

There are many organizations that accept candy donations, such as Soldier’s Angels and Operation Gratitude. You can also find local children charities in your area, or perhaps even contact dentist or doctor offices to see if they would like the additional candy. Many schools may also enjoy the donation as well, which they can distribute to their students. With a little creativity, you can find an effective way to brighten someone’s day with a donation of your leftover Halloween candy. 

Take it to the office

If you work at an office, especially an office where you have frequent visitors(dentist office, teacher’s room, etc.). When you have people come into your office, it is often calming to see candy available, which lets the visitor feel more at ease during the visit. In addition to guests who may enjoy the extra candy, your colleagues, employees or boss may also appreciate the handout as well, making you one of the most popular people inside your office. 

The Bottom Line

With some proper planning, you can put your uneaten Halloween candy to good use. The bottom line is there is no wrong strategy, and you are free to have fun with your extra treats and do whatever makes you the happiest.


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