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What The Higest Paid CEO in America Can Teach Us About Real Estate

Larry Ellison, the CEO of Oracle and fifth richest man in the world announced this week that he will be stepping down from his chief role at Oracle. He built his company from scratch back in the late 1970’s, and his technological prowess has served him well. Not only did it vault him to one of the richest men in the world, but it also afforded him a life of luxury. One of his passions in life is real estate. The man is a walking real estate mogul. His portfolio would make anyone drool with envy.

So in this week’s blog, we thought we’d have some fun at take a look at the extravagant collection of Larry Ellison’s real estate portfolio. If an adopted college drop out from the south side of Chicago can achieve this, then so can you. Here’s to your Larry Ellison. You’ve been and innovator and inspiration for all of us. Now it’s your time to enjoy it.

This home in Woodside, CA took nine years to design and build. He modeled it after a 16th Century Japanese palace. It’s worth a jaw dropping $70 million! I bet he could find some peace and quiet here in retirement.


This is another Japanese style home, however this one actually is in Japan. It once listed for $86 million. I guess you need a house in every country if you are going to travel around the world.


Everyone at some point and time has dreamed of owning a mansion on the shores of Malibu, right? Ellison did too however his dream included 10 ocean front properties! That’s right, he owns 10 homes in Malibu and recently bought the home of former Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel and then paid $18 million for Jerry Bruckheimer’s house. I wonder which house is used for beach parties?


If he wants to stay in California, he can mozy on over to Rancho Mirage where he bought a $42.9 million mansion in 2011. This one has a golf course and several guest houses.


Everyone needs a lake house, right? Ellison had this one in Lake Tahoe, but just sold it for $20.35 million because he’s building another one there that is three times the size of this one! The new one will have an island, waterfall, and but of course tennis courts.


What’s the point of having so many homes, if you can’t have an island to put them on? That is exactly what Ellison thought. He paid $500 million to buy 98% of the Hawaiian island of Lanai. Maybe they should rename it Ellison Island? Not only did he buy the island, but he bought two airlines associated with it and refurbished the hotels there.


Source: Business Insider

There you have it. These aren’t all the homes we owns, but we didn’t want to bore you with anything less than $10 million.

Sometimes in life you have to dream in order to achieve what you don’t think is possible.

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