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What Size Flat Screen TV Should You Get for Entertaining?

With NFL playoffs in full swing and the Super Bowl around the corner, many are considering upgrading their flat-screen TV to a larger size, especially those who plan to host a Super Bowl party. However, it can be difficult to know just what size TV to buy, and it helps to know the factors to consider when making the decision. 

How to choose the right size flat screen

There is not a universal answer to what size is most appropriate for a flat-screen TV that is used for entertaining, and the answer depends on your personal preference and a variety of other factors. The following are four key factors to consider when choosing the flat-screen TV size that is most appropriate for you. 

Consider the room size

The room size is important to measure before starting the search. A TV that is too large in proportion to the room size might be awkward, whereas one that is too small may not have that “wow” factor that visitors love. Be sure to measure the wall on which you plan to place your flat-screen TV, ensuring that you choose a TV that fits. The larger the wall the larger the TV can be. It is easy to measure with a simple small tape measure, and it can save you the hassle from having to return a TV that is too large or too small. 

Determine the viewing distance

The viewing distance is another important consideration to make. In fact, many choose their screen size solely based on the viewing distance, and there are calculators that you can use to determine the appropriate size. Another easy way to determine the appropriate size for your flat-screen based on viewing distance is to multiply the number of inches away you will sit by .84, and the number is a good estimate to how wide your TV screen should be. 

Quality vs. size considerations

Size is an important consideration, but it is not the only factor that matters. Of course, if your budget is unlimited, you can get the size you want and the best quality TV, but those who are on a budget should consider whether they value the definition quality or the size more. If the quality of the TV is most important than it might be best to choose a smaller model that is higher quality, rather than a larger TV with less than ideal definition.

Factor in the purpose of the TV

If your new flat-screen is only used for entertaining, then you may choose a different model and size than if your entire will use the TV on a regular basis. When factoring in the intended use of the TV, it may help give an indication to the size that is most appropriate. For example, a TV that the whole family uses may require certain features and apps, and getting a slightly smaller TV with more features is perhaps a better option than one that is larger with fewer extra features.

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