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What I learned from the NFL That Will Help You Sell Your House

indexAs the new NFL season dawns, I get excited much like millions of other ravenous fans across the country.  There’s something about this time of year that elicits hope and excitement from even the worst teams.  Whatever the formula for becoming the #1 sport in America is, the NFL has discovered it.  I started thinking the other day, what is it about the NFL that makes everything they touch turn to gold and how can I use the same formula to sell my house.


There’s no question the NFL’s popularity grows more and more each year.  Baseball may carry the label of America’s favorite past time, but there’s no denying that football is America’s favorite sport.

Everyone wants to be a associated with popular people, things, events, etc.  It’s just human nature.  So, how can you make your house “popular”? It doesn’t have to be on the scale of the NFL popular, but rather locally or regionally popular.  This is where an experienced agent will be able to step in and help you craft a personalized marketing plan to make your house “popular”.

Prime Time

NFL games get top billing when it comes to prime time.  Thursday night football, Sunday football, Monday night football, etc.  They play the games when the most people have an opportunity to watch.  In the same way, you should schedule open houses and showings at prime times.  Study your area and be aware of events that could keep potential buyers from showing up.


Most NFL players have incentives in their contracts these days.  Whether it’s workout incentives to get in shape or running or throwing for a certain amount of yards, there are clauses in the contracts that keep them motivated.  So should you incentivize potential buyers.  One example is a free year of house cleaning or yard work services.  I’ve even heard of a seller throwing in a free car with their house.  Talk about separating yourself from the pack.

Loyal Fan Base

The backbone of the NFL’s success is their loyal fan base.  As I mentioned earlier, even fans from the worst teams think that their team has a chance for the playoffs or maybe even the Super Bowl.  The reason is, it has happened before so why not this time.  Having access to a loyal base of home buyers is exactly what you need to sell your home and partnering with an experienced realtor or real estate company that has built a base will be your ace in the hole.

Best Players

Only about 3% of all college football players make it to the NFL.  It’s an elite club with elite athletes.  If you’ve ever been to a game and seen these guys up close, you’ll know exactly how special they are.  You too need the best players on your team when it comes to selling your home.  This echoes the last point in that hiring an experienced and well qualified realtor will serve you very well.

We at Exit Realty Bob Lamb & Associates feel that we have these elite realtors on our team.  If you need to sell your house or if you are looking to buy one, feel free to give us a call anytime.

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