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Tips on Preparing Your Yard for Spring

Tips on Preparing Your Yard for Spring

Winter gives you a great excuse to let your yard lose the beauty it had. However, once spring arrives, it is time to prepare your yard for better weather, which may involve cleaning up debris, using fertilizer, treating dead spots and mowing the lawn. This review highlights five tips on how to best prepare your yard for spring.

How to prepare your yard for spring

Of course, every yard is different and you should assess your specific needs based on the size of your yard, the climate you live in and how nice you want your yard to look. However, the following are five general tips for improving your curb appeal and backyard through grass and lawn maintenance. 

Clean up the leaves and other debris

The first step is to clean your yard up the best you can. Many yards collect leaves, branches and other debris from the fall and winter months. Depending on how many trees surround your yard, this job can become rather extensive and time-consuming. While you may be able to use a rake, using a leaf blower when possible can significantly speed up the cleaning process. 

Use fertilizer and pre-emergent

Fertilizer feeds your grass and allows it to grow properly. It is best to fertilize your lawn early in the fall with a slow-release fertilizer, which should last between six and eight weeks between uses. Pre-emergent is also important. This is a herbicide that can prevent crabgrass. It is also helpful to have weed killer on hand as well as it will most likely be needed. 

Mow your lawn early and often

It is helpful to begin mowing early in the spring before the grass really begins to grow. It is also encouraged to mow your lawn once every four or five days. A common mistake homeowners make is only mowing three or four times a month. Allowing the grass to grow too thick before mowing could cause the roots to become damaged.

Fill in bare spots promptly

Your lawn is likely to have some bare spots after the winter. It is important to fill these in promptly. You can fill in the bare spots by raking the soil where there are bare spots, laying the grass seed evenly across the bare spot and adding water. Also, consider adding hay to the area to prevent birds and others from eating the grass seed. You can use regular grass seed to treat bare spots, or you can purchase a mix that is specifically designed to repair bare spots, such as the Scotts EZ Seed Patch & Repair

Trim the trees and shrubs

Lastly, you may need to trim any tree branches that are hanging over powerlines or over your home or vehicles. In some instances, tree branches may not be an obstruction but may take away from the aesthetic beauty of your yard, in which case removing it can be beneficial. Also, consider trimming or removing any annoying shrubs in your yard as well.

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