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Tips for Selling Your Home During the Summer

Selling a home can seem scary. You might have a lot of questions for the process. The biggest one being: how to sell it.

Don’t look any further! We are here to help you get the most from your sale. Preparing your home is the best way to attract lots of buyers. Realtors are more willing to work with someone who is ready for a sale.
The following steps will give you a great experience.


First impressions are everything. Taking a glance at the house from the front yard sets the mood for the whole experience. Don’t give them anything negative to hang on. Prep your home for the sell and bring out the best of your home.

The Lawn

The easiest tip for this guide is to maintain the lawn. A green, fresh cut lawn will always look better than a brown, long one. Try to mow the lawn twice a week in a diagonal flow to increase the appeal. Go ahead and rip out those weeds while you are out there.

If you are planning well in advance, consider growing plants to generate curb appeal.

Front Door and Windows

Keep the front door and windows clean by washing them weekly. The windows will shine from afar attracting people to the neat home. More importantly, the front door is the invitation. A clean door builds anticipation for the inside.
Think about remodeling the door by replacing the knobs and locks or give it a facelift with a fresh coat of paint. You can also add a nice door knocker to improve the feel.

Inside Space

Once the outside of the house is up to par, bring your focus inside. Begin decluttering every area; rid the house of any excess furniture by either throwing them away or selling them. Take down any personal photos or items in the house.
This will create a spacious home and will allow the potential buyers to imagine themselves in the home, instead of seeing who is there now.

During this summer heat, keep the house at a cool temperature. People need to feel the comfort of a home while they take a tour. If you don’t have central air conditioning, consider selling in a cooler season.

The Backyard

Some of that furniture you are thinking about throwing away or storing, try to utilize them for the backyard. Build a nice feel by placing a few pieces outside to bring the space to life. Make them see what comfort awaits.

Put in the Work

After everything is cleaned and looking great, inspect the home for any damages. This step may cost a little time and money but will have a big payoff. Remember your time spent searching for a home; How closely did you look for any blemishes? Inspect your home as if you were buying. Fix anything found during the search.

Price it Right!

Before you place your brand new looking home on the market, check what it’s worth. Don’t be disappointed with what you find. It will always be more valuable to you than on the market. Look at local listing to compare the prices sellers at setting their properties.

If you aren’t comfortable handling this on your own, then give us a call. We can help with this major step.

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