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Tips for Removing Mature Bushes from Your Yard


There is nothing worse than a bush in your yard that blocks the view of your home and makes the entire exterior of your home less appealing. Fortunately, however, it is easy to remove unwanted bushes in your yard, and you can quickly do so by following the four-step process below. 




Step 1: Acquire The Proper Tools

The first step in removing mature bushes from your yard is to gather up all of the necessary tools to get the job done. Each bush is slightly different, and each one might require the use of a slightly different tool set. However, the tools most likely needed to get the job done include the following:


  • Work gloves
  • Hedge clippers
  • Hand saw
  • Shovel
  • Wheelbarrow


Be sure to wear the right protective clothing, including work gloves, long-sleeve clothing and eye protection if using a chain saw. For most bushes, a hand saw should be enough, although more mature bushes might require the use of a chain saw. 

Step 2: Prune The Shrubs Back

After gathering up the necessary tools, the next thing to do is to trim the shrubs back as far as possible. You can do this by using hedge clippers and cutting back the branches as close to the root of the bush as possible. If you are unable to effectively and efficiently trim back the shrubs using hedge clippers, then consider using a chainsaw to get the job done, although it is important to be careful when doing so. Pruning the branches back makes the job of digging out the root and removing the bushes much easier(see step 3). 

Step 3: Remove The Bush Root

After the branches are trimmed back, you should have clear access to the root of the bush. The next step is to just dig the root up. The best way to go about doing is to dig a trench around the bush by digging dirt up as close to the trunk as possible and exposing the roots. It is then time to cut the roots using either a hedge clipper, hand saw or chainsaw. You might be able to cut the roots using just the shovel in some instances. Continue this process until you can reach the shovel underneath the trunk of the bush, and then pry it up and out of the ground. 

Step 4: Clean Up The Area

If you completed step three, then congratulations! You have successfully removed mature bushes from your yard. However, after step three you are likely to notice that you created quite the mess that needs to be cleaned up. You can then dispose of the bush(some parts might be able to be recycled) and fill in the dirt. If you tore up grass in the process, which is often the case, then you might consider laying new grass seed or sod to fill in the area. The final result is a beautiful yard that is free of any disrupting mature bushes.


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