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These Companies Moving to Middle TN are Creating a Housing Boom

More and more companies are announcing plans to move to the Middle Tennessee area, bringing with them hundreds, if not thousands, of new jobs. As more people move to the area, this creates a need for homes in the area, which is expected to continue an already existing housing boom. 

What companies are causing a housing boom in Middle TN?

Notable companies that have moved to the Middle Tennessee area in recent years are Amazon, AllianceBernstein, Mitsubishi, Harrow Health, Medacta USA, and Pilot. 


Amazon is perhaps the most notable company to move to Middle Tennessee in recent years. They made their move in 2018, announcing a $230 million headquarter plan that created 5,000 high-paying jobs. This means that not only was there a major influx of new Nashville residents, but the new residents were seeking higher-priced homes, which had an impact on the housing boom overall. 


AllianceBernstein has also moved to the Nashville area in recent years, bringing with them over 300 jobs in the first year of their transition from New York. AllianceBernstein referred to lower taxes and living expenses as their reason for moving, comparing it with the high prices in their previous city of Manhattan. AllianceBernstein, much like Amazon, brings higher paying jobs to the Nashville area. 


The popular car company Mitsubishi also intends to move to the Nashville area from California. This is expected to bring more than 200 jobs to the Nashville area. Mitsubishi referred to the cost of living, lifestyle, schools, and climate for their decision, along with the presence of other automobile businesses such as HanKook Tire, Calsonic, GM, and Nissan already in the Middle Tennessee area. 

Harrow Health

Harrow Health has also moved to the Nashville area from California. This brings healthcare-related jobs to the Middle Tennessee area and also serves to contribute to the current housing boom the area is experiencing. 

Medacta USA

Much like Harrow Health, Medacta USA is also within the healthcare industry and has recently announced plans to move into the Middle Tennessee area. The general manager of Medcata USA stated that the close proximity of top orthopedic researchers and examiners was a big reason for their move. This should undoubtedly lead to more people moving into the Middle Tennessee area. 


Pilot is a bookkeeping software firm that has also announced plans to move to Nashville. This is expected to add an additional 450 jobs to the Middle Tennessee area, which subsequently is likely to create hundreds of new residents looking for homes in the area. 

Companies that are expanding their headquarters in Nashville

In addition to the companies that are moving to MIddle TN and contributing to the housing boom are the companies that are currently in the Nashville area and expanding. This includes FedEX, JNJ Express, and Western Express, all of which are expected to expand their operations and add hundreds of new jobs in the coming months and years. 

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