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Skipping The Home Inspection Could Lead to a Lifetime of Regrets

675072300_356597c88b_o_dBuying a home is often the largest single investment you will make in your lifetime. In today’s hot real estate market , it’s easy to get ahead of yourself and try to skip important steps like the home inspection. Doing so could cost you a lot down the road and lead to a lifetime of regrets. Whether you are buying a fifty year old house or a brand new house, the inspection is one of the most important things you can do to protect yourself when buying a home.

Here’s what to expect from a home inspection and why you should perform one.

Hire the right person

Uncle Fred may be a lifetime handyman, but don’t trust anyone to perform a home inspection except for a certified professional. Certified home inspectors know what to look for and have the tools needed to find potential problems with the house.

What do they inspect?

Home inspectors make routine inspections on things like hvac systems, plumbing, electrical systems, the roof, the attic, insulation, walls ceiling, floors, windows, foundation, and visible structure.

Important things to inspect

In addition to the standard inspections, you’ll want to make sure to have an inspection for termites and radon. These are two things that can not only be dangerous but very costly. These two inspections may or may not be included in your general inspection. Find out from your inspector if it does or not, and consider making it a part of your overall decision process.

What is my role?

Be active and present when it comes to your home inspection. Being there when the inspection is performed and asking informed questions is a great idea. The inspector understands your situation and should be willing to help educate and answer any questions you may have.

What a home inspector doesn’t do

Your home inspector is thinking safety first. The inspector isn’t looking for code violations. They are safety inspectors and not code inspectors. In addition, your inspector isn’t going to give you an appraisal or tell you whether or not you should buy the house.

What does an inspection cost?

Inspection costs vary depending on your location and size of your home. Generally speaking costs range from about $300-$500. This is a very nominal amount considering what is at risk.

To make sure you get the home of your dreams, be sure to take the very important step of having the home inspected. Otherwise, it could be the home of your nightmares.

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