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Signs of a House With Electrical Problems

indexBefore we dive into the signs of a home with electrical problems, it’s very important to note the dangers of working with electricity.  If you suspect problems with the electricity in your house, you should contact a qualified professional to access and deal with the problems.

Electrical problems can strike in any home, no matter how old or how new it is.  Here are some common signs of a house with electrical problems:

Do Your Lights Flicker?

Flickering lights are one of the most common signs of electrical problems.  There are many causes for flickering lights.  A faulty light bulb, loose connections, power failure in your area, animal interference with power sources, storms, etc.  If changing your light bulbs doesn’t work and it’s an ongoing problem then you might have a problem with the connections in your wiring.  This would be a good reason to call a certified professional.

Are You Constantly Replacing Light Bulbs?

If you find yourself replacing light bulbs more often than normal, then you could have a problem with surges within your electrical system.  Check with your neighbors to see if they experience the same problems.  If not, then you should check into the issue with a pro.  Another sign closely related to this issue is your circuit breaker constantly tripping.

Light Switches Not Working?

Do your light switches only work part of the time?  This too isn’t normal and should be inspected by an electrician.  Chances are you have a loose connection or have some wiring issues within that particular circuit.  It’s good to note that even if a circuit is turned off at the breaker, there is still some electricity flowing to it.  This is why you don’t want to risk injury or death by playing around with your electricity.

Do You Often Get Shocked When Touching Appliances?

If this is true, then you could have a problem with the appliance either not being grounded properly or there could be a wiring issue.  An occasional shock from static electricity is common, but anything of a sustained shock should be investigated.

Do You Detect a Burning Smell From Your Outlets?

If this is the case, you should take immediate action as this could be the beginning of an electrical fire.  According to the U.S. Fire Administration there are approximately 28,600 electrical fires in homes across the U.S. every year.

Being aware of the signs of electrical problems in your house could not only save precious possessions, but also your life.  Don’t play around with electrical issues.  Get a trusted partner to help you sort out the potential problems.


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