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Should You Paint Your Brick Exterior? Here are the Pros and Cons

There are many advantages to painting your brick exterior, but it may be the right option for every homeowner. This review discusses the pros and cons of painting your brick exterior to help you make an informed decision if you should do so or not.

The advantages of painting your brick exterior

The benefits of painting your brick exterior include an improved curbside appeal, an added protective layer to your home, and an easier ability to clean your home’s siding. 

Improved curbside appeal

Many prefer the appearance of painted brick as opposed to the natural color of brick. This also allows the homeowner to customize the appearance of their home’s exterior as they desire as well. This could be done to match well with the windows, roof, landscaping, etc. When it comes time to sell your home, it may be easier to find a buyer that prefers painted brick. 

Adds a layer of protections

Paint can add a protective layer over your brick exterior. This protects your home’s exterior from weather elements such as heavy rain and wind. The added protection the paint provides can also protect your brick from early deterioration as well. 

Painted brick is easier to clean

Given the porous nature of brick, it can be hard to clean dirt and debris that gets trapped and affects the appearance of your home’s siding. Paint is much easier to clean. Through regular pressure washing, you can ensure that dirt debris does not accumulate. Using water pressure is not always the best solution for cleaning brick siding that is not painted.

The drawbacks of painting your brick exterior

Painting your brick exterior is a permanent decision as removing the paint is a difficult and expensive process. The paint is also vulnerable to chip over time, and paint tends to accumulate and show dust and debris more than natural brick. 

Painting brick is a permanent decision

It can be challenging to remove paint from brick siding. Due to this, it is highly recommended to consider painted brick to be a permanent solution and to keep it painted at all times. Repainting the brick is recommended every seven to ten years, and you can change the paint color as desired at any time. 

The paint can chip over time

Painted brick looks great when it is well maintained and a fresh coat of paint is provided regularly. However, paint that begins to peel and chip can greatly affect the aesthetic quality of your home’s siding. So, while keeping paint clean and looking great is easy to do, it is important to make a strong effort to maintain the siding for the best curb appeal possible. 

Dirt and debris becomes more visible

It is easier to keep painted brick clean than it is to keep natural unpainted brick clean. However, the visibility of dirt, debris, and mildew is more visible over paint, so taking extra precautions to keep the brick siding clean and prevent water damage is important. 

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