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Prepping Your Yard for Spring

Springtime is just around the corner, which means it is time to get your yard in shape for when the winter weather passes and the warm weather comes in.

While each yard is different, there are certain things every homeowner can do to ensure their yard looks amazing this spring season. A good yard can add value to a home and simply make the place you live more comfortable and relaxing.

The following are four yard prep ideas every homeowner should consider when getting their lawn ready for the spring.


Clean Up The Debris

A great place to start when it comes to prepping your yard for spring is to clean up all the debris that accumulated over the course of the winter.

It can be hard to get outside and clean the yard up during the winter due to how cold and miserable it can be to do so. In addition, removing the debris from your yard during the winter seems like a lost cause in many cases, considering the debris is likely to continue gathering due to the weather conditions.

However, now is the time to clean up the debris and prepare your yard to look great this winter. Be sure to grab the rake and clear out all of the leaves that cover the yard, clean up any issues snow may have caused and remove any tools, children toys or other objects that may be laying around the yard.

Mow The Lawn

After you clean up the debris from the front yard, it is the time to mow the lawn. Of course, the lawn is likely to not be real long after the winter, but cutting the grass early can help the grass grown in thick and fill the lawn more beautifully in the spring.

After the initial mowing of the lawn, try and continue to cut the grass once each week. The longer your grass gets before you cut the grass, the harder it gets to maintain the health of the roots and keep a thick lawn.

If you cannot mow your lawn each week, then make an extra effort to protect it from damage and try and implement a twice per month schedule instead.

Kill The Weeds

After the yard is cleaned up and the grass is cut, it is time to get rid of those obnoxious weeds that often exist after winter. The best way to kill the weeds and avoid them from coming back as the spring and summer progress is to use both a weed killer and a pre-emergent right before spring begins.

The weed killer should work to remove any weeds that currently exist, and the pre-emergent should help prevent future weeds from developing, in addition to eliminating crabgrass as well.  

Fertilize The Grass

Last but not least, apply some fertilizer to the grass, which should help the grass remain healthy as warm weather arrives, particularly during a drought.

However, the spring is not a good time to seed, especially if you are using weed killer and pre-emergent, and it is best to wait until the fall to reseed your lawn. If you need to rid your yard of brown or dead patches, it is best to use sod during the spring.

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