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    Guide to Getting Rid of Bugs in Your House

    By Cindy Hamilton | May 24, 2021

    Bugs in your home can be incredibly annoying, and failed attempts to get rid of them can make things all the more frustrating. This guide provides simple yet highly effective ways for you to debug your home and keep the bugs away long-term.  How to get rid of bugs in your home Among the most... Read More

    Are Home Warranties Really Worth It?

    By Cindy Hamilton | May 24, 2021

    A home warranty is a way to mitigate your financial risk through purchasing coverage for your home’s appliances in case a breakdown were to occur. This review discusses whether or not a home warranty is actually worth the cost and headache often involved with the claims process.  What is a home warranty? A home warranty... Read More

    How Middle TN Stacks Up Against Other Cities in Terms of Property Tax Rates

    By Cindy Hamilton | May 13, 2021

    Tennessee has some of the lowest property tax rates in the country. The average property tax rate paid in Tennessee is 0.64%, and the average homebuyer pays $1,220 for property taxes, which is significantly below the national average. Of course, every county has their own property tax rates. This review examines how middle Tennessee compares... Read More

    3 Projects that Give Your Home the Most Return on Investment

    By Cindy Hamilton | May 3, 2021

    Many homeowners hold off as long as possible on home projects they desire or their home needs. This is largely because of concerns about the cost of the home project. However, understanding how home projects can increase your home’s value can help you make a more informed decision as to which projects are right for... Read More

    Outdoor Living Designs to Consider for Your Home

    By Cindy Hamilton | April 21, 2021

    When choosing how to decorate your outdoor living space, you should consider the purpose for the area. When choosing the best outdoor living design for your home, ask yourself these questions: Is it primarily for aesthetic purposes?  Do you intend to cook outdoors?  Are you interested in hosting parties with friends and family?  What would... Read More

    How to Choose The Best Contractor For Your Remodeling Projects

    By Cindy Hamilton | April 19, 2021

    Finding the right contractor for your remodeling job is never easy, and hiring one that is unreliable or unqualified can become more trouble than it is worth. This review discusses five tips for finding the best contractor for your home remodels to ensure quality results, efficient service and fair prices.  5 Tips for finding the... Read More

    How to Compete with Cash Offers When Buying a Home

    By Cindy Hamilton | April 5, 2021

    The real estate market is competitive, and it is not uncommon to compete with other buyers, some of which may offer cash to avoid or reduce the loan amount. This can make the selling process easier, and the seller may at first be inclined to accept the cash offer. However, there are things you can... Read More

    How to Deal with Multiple Offers on Your House

    By Cindy Hamilton | March 31, 2021

    The housing market is competitive. If you have a good home offered for a fair price and list it properly, then you may receive multiple offers on your house. Of course, this is a good thing, but handling multiple offers is not always an easy thing to do. This review discusses how you can handle... Read More

    Best Things to Do For Your Yard in the Spring

    By Cindy Hamilton | March 23, 2021

    Spring has arrived, and it is time to prepare your lawn for the beautiful weather. Keeping your lawn in great condition throughout the spring and winter months does not have to be difficult, and this guide provides you with six useful tips for getting your lawn in shape after winter and how to keep it... Read More

    Interest Rate Outlook for Spring of 2021

    By Cindy Hamilton | March 21, 2021

    The interest rates are generous for home buyers, but the rate could change in the spring of 2021. This review discusses what you can expect from interest rates this spring and in the rest of 2021.  Reviewing where interest rates currently are Mortgage rates are currently incredibly low. As of March 15th, the average interest... Read More

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