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Never Lose Your Phone, Wallet or Keys Inside Your Home Again

urlIf you’ve ever been scrambling to get out of the house only to realize you’ve lost something of crucial importance to you, you’re certainly not alone. No matter how many designated spots I have for my phone, wallet and keys, inevitably at times they end up in the craziest of places inside my house. The technology geniuses have certainly capitalized on our forgetfulness and chaotic lives and have invented various devices that do their best to ensure that we’ll always be able to find our most essential possessions no matter where we toss them when we get home. So the next time you leave your keys in the freezer, closet or sitting on top of the toilet (you know it’s happened!), make sure you have one of these items to help you find them:

The Tile App

Attach a small square card to whatever you want to track and then download the Tile app on your phone. If and when you lose your keys, wallet, etc., you can either make the card ring (if you think it’s nearby), or you can locate it via the GPS map on your phone if you think you’ve left that item elsewhere. To find your phone, you can locate one of your tiles and use it to ring your phone, even if it’s on silent mode. You can also register as many tiles as you want under one account, so if you have tweens or teens who are prone to dropping their possessions anywhere and everywhere, this may be the best $25 you’ve ever spent.

Click ‘n Dig

For someone who loses their phone just as much as their keys or wallet, this may be the better option for you! The Click ‘n Dig (available for approximately $10 each), uses a radio frequency transmitter system so you can just press a button on the transmitter and the receiver beeps or flashes. Unfortunately it only works within about a 60-foot range, but it’s certainly handy for those who seem to lose things at home frequently. It’s also great for older people in your family who may not have a smartphone or don’t feel comfortable using it for things like this.


There are plenty of products out there for those who may need a little help on a daily basis or just every once in a while. Spend some time looking around to see what might be the best fit for you!

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