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Make Your Neighbors Jealous With These Home Decorating Tips

3156625773_1198e36e0cHave you ever wanted to make your house look and feel more expensive than it is?  If so, you are like most homeowners.  While the majority of us can’t afford lavish mansions, there’s nothing to say we can’t do some creative things to make our homes the envy of the neighborhood.  Here are some tips to help you make your home look and feel more expensive.




Painting is probably one of the best ways to clean up a house and make it look new.  Nothing stands out quite like a fresh coat of paint.  Get creative with the colors and think about accents like stripes or other painted shapes.  Walls aren’t the only thing you can paint.  Painting a door, wood trim, or even your floors can change the entire look of a room.


Cleaning your home is cheap and can really make it look expensive.  Have you ever been in an expensive mansion?  Was it dirty and cluttered up?  Probably not.  Get out your broom, mop, scrub brushes, bleach, etc and go to work!  Not only is cleaning good for your health – eliminating dust, mold, etc but it makes your home look like it’s worth more.


How you use lighting in your house can make a world of difference.  It’s something that isn’t noticeable until it’s not there.  Upgrade your boring overhead lights with dimmers, create space and make small areas look better with a floor lamp to illuminate the focus piece, such as a couch, chair, or bookcase, etc.  Don’t forget about lights under your kitchen cabinets.  Those can create an amazing look and feel for your kitchen.  One other trick is to use colored bulbs.  Colored bulbs can really set the mood for a room or area.


Do you have wires running all over your home?  Think about your entertainment area, are there wires from your tv, stereo, computers, etc sticking out and running everywhere?  While you may not be able to go wireless for everything you can bundle these wires and keep them neatly stored in a single wire organizer.

In addition to keeping wires out of sight, go for an upgraded television and surround sound.  HDTV’s and sound systems are relatively inexpensive these days and they give the impression that you spent a lot on your room.


The final tip on making your home look expensive is decorating.  We could spend the next few blog posts alone talking about decorating.  When it comes to decorating go with your gut.  Think about what you like and then try it.  If it doesn’t look good change it up until it does.  Use accent pieces like vases, flowers, rugs, antiques etc to compliment all the other things you’ve done to make your home look expensive.

If you need help fining a home so you can make it look expensive, we’d be honored to represent you in that process.

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