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Living in the City vs Suburbs – Which is Right for You?

There are benefits and potential disadvantages of living in the city and suburbs. The choice as to which option is best for you depends on your personal preference and situation, and this review offers insights into the pros and cons of both options. 

The benefits of living in the city

Living in the city offers more transportation options, more nearby attractions and restaurants, diverse communities to live within and more personal interactions with others. 

More transportation options

There are more ways in which you can commute to work, social events, etc. when living in the city. If you are within a mile or two of your work, then you may prefer to walk each day. You likely have more access to biking as well, in addition to still being able to drive if you prefer. 

More things to do nearby

There are more things to do in the cities than there are in the suburbs, including more restaurants, nightlife opportunities and parks. If you are social and enjoy easier access to various attractions and restaurants, then city living may be the best option for you. 

Diverse communities

Many more immigrants live in the cities than they do in the suburbs. You also see a broader age range as well. Therefore, those who want to live in an area that ism ore culturally diverse and unique may prefer the city over the suburbs. 

More interactions

Many enjoy living in the city as it provides more opportunities for social interactions. This is because there are more people and more nightlife opportunities and attractions. For people who are single or simply more extroverted in general, this is a huge advantage. 

The benefits of living in the suburbs

The benefits of living in the suburbs are more affordable living options, lower crime rates (on average), less pollution and a more family-friendly environment for raising children and teenagers. 

More affordable living

The demand is greater in the city than in the suburbs. This raises the housing costs in big cities, and you may have to pay more for parking, commuting, etc. as well. You will likely have more affordable housing options available in the suburbs outside of the city. 

Lower crime rates

Cities are often associated with higher crime rates. While this is not the case with all cities, the fact is many are, on average, safer and less susceptible to being victims of crimes such as violence and theft when living in the suburbs. 

Less pollution

With more people often comes more pollution. This comes from streets that are constantly flooded with gas-powered cars, trash and more energy-usage by businesses and residential complexes. The suburbs are less crowded and the air is typically cleaner. 

More family-friendly

Raising a family in the heart of a city is challenging for many. The suburbs is quieter, less susceptible to crime and less polluted. It is also easier to find affordable housing for a family of three or more in the suburbs than it is in the city.


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