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Live in the City or the Country? Which Option is Right for You

Should you live in the city or the country? Which one offers the best amenities? For some people, it’s not even a question. But for others, both city and country living offer some appeal, so the pros and cons must be weighed when deciding where to live. If you fall into this second category, keep reading to learn more about why one option may be better than the other for you.

Here’s why country living may be the best for you and your family:

1) Less expensive housing and a cheaper cost of living – You’ll find more affordable housing options in the country and they typically come with more land, too. Plus, everything in the area should be cheaper: food, medical care and transportation, just to name a few things.

2) More space and less people – The country offers more room to spread out and most likely, you’ll be able to go days without seeing a neighbor if you so choose. Of course, country living also typically offers a tighter sense of community even though the people are more spread out.

3) Slower pace of life – Life just moves a little slower in the country and you may find yourself “stopping to smell the roses” (both literally and figuratively) on a more regular basis.

Does the above sound appealing? If not, here are some reasons why city life may be the life for you:

1) Close proximity to what you need – With everything you need seemingly next door, you’ll always be able to get to a grocery store, school, hospital and maybe even work in just minutes.

2) More convenient amenities – The city offers opportunities that you’d never find in the country – 24-hour workout gyms, walk-in healthcare clinics, quick lunching restaurants and anything you’d ever need to purchase on the fly.

3) Quicker pace of life – The city is always bustling with people and activity so you’ll rarely be alone. This may sound unappealing to some, but may be the perfect way of life for another. If you find yourself enjoying cultural activities like museums, high-end restaurants and entertainment like music and plays, then the city will offer all that and more!

In the end, the answer to “should you live in the country or the city?” will be different for everyone. Evaluate your priorities to be sure you’re making the best decision for YOU!

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