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It’s Never Too Early to Prepare Your Home For Storms

indexAlthough we are a few months away from the heart of storm season in Middle Tennesee, now is a good time to start preparing and thinking about ways to protect your home from storms.  Make it your New Year’s resolution to be prepared when it comes to storms this year.  Here are some ways to help do just that.

Prepare Personal Items

Living in Middle Tennessee is great but it doesn’t come without threats of tornadoes every year.  If a strong tornado is headed your way there’s not much you can do to protect your house, but you can have your personal items gathered and stored in a secured location.  Should the unthinkable happen and your house is destroyed, what personal items do you want to keep?  Those are the items you should put in a basement, large safe, etc.  If they are lying loosely around the house when a tornado strikes you may never see them again.

Strong Winds

Hopefully you won’t be struck by a tornado, but strong winds are a more likely scenario.  Do you have large trees in your yard with branches hanging over the roof?  Strong winds can send these branches crashing through your roof quicker than your realize.  Consider trimming your trees back during the winter months to alleviate this risk.

In addition to trimming trees, many experts suggest investing in garage door braces, roof clips, and window shutters.  Each of these items are not cheap, but could help protect your house from potential damage from strong winds.  These items can be found in most local hardware stores.  You’ll want to make sure they are professional installed to receive the maximum benefit.


Flooding is a word we are all too familiar with here in Middle Tennessee.  It has only been a handful of years since we experienced one of the worst floods in state history.  If you live in a flood plain or low lying area, do a check up on your insurance policy.  A large percentage of home owner’s insurance policies don’t cover flood damage.  Many times flood insurance is a separate policy.

Install a Shelter

Basements are a rare find in Middle Tennessee.  If you don’t have an underground safe place, consider building an underground shelter.  This might come in handy, especially if you live in outlying areas and aren’t able to quickly escape to a safe place.  These days underground bunkers can be installed through the floor of your garage.  While they may not be cheap, they could help save your life.

The key to surviving a storm is to be prepared.  Know now where you’ll go in case of a storm and have a storm kit ready with supplies such as food, water, batteries, candles, and flashlights.

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