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Ideas for Cleaning and Reorganizing Your House for 2015

The non stop whirlwind of parties, dinners, family gatherings, Christmas Day, New Year’s celebrations, etc are now over and if you are like me your house probably looks like the aftermath of an F5 tornado.  It’s a new year with new beginnings and new possibilities, but before we can get out there and conquer the world we need to get our house back together.  Here are 7 tips to help you clean and reorganize your house for 2015.

Take stock

If you are like most of us, you and or your children probably received a lot of new items for Christmas.  This is the time of year to review your belongings and see what you can live without.  A good rule of thumb is if you haven’t used or worn it in over a year then it’s probably worth donating or throwing out (except for specialized tools or appliances that are for special occasions).

Keep up with shoes

It’s funny how shoes can take on a life of their own and end up all over the place.  A great way to coral those loafers is to put a shoe or boot tray by the door.  When you walk in from outside you can put them in the tray and not worry about tripping over them in the middle of the night when headed to the bathroom.






Optimize kitchen space

The kitchen is the place with a lot of items – pots, pans, spoons, cooking utensils, cutting boards, etc.  If you are like me it’s always a challenge to find a space for kitchen items.  Use tension curtain rods as a divider for cupboards.  It’s economical and let’s you keep things organized.

More kitchen optimization

Another great idea for the kitchen that helps you with space but also looks modern is hanging pots and pans.  The example below shows how this could look.







Vacuum dust bunnies

The bottom of your furniture is where all the dust in the world tends to hang out.  There must be something special about this place for them.  Turn your furniture over and vacuum out all the dust, hair, and dirt that cling to the bottom of your chairs and couches.

Clean the wastebaskets

You probably only think about your trash cans once a week – when it’s time to take out the trash.  Over the course of a year, those baskets can trap and grow nasty bacteria and germs.  Take a few minutes to wash these baskets and cans with soap and water and disinfect with a bacteria killing agent.







Declutter with hidden storage

Do you have areas of your house that collect loose items such as toys, books, trinkets, etc?  Use a decorative ottoman to store and hide these little items.  Not only can these ottomans hide your loose knick-knacks but they can double as seating options.


There you have it.  Seven simple ideas to help you get your year off to the right start.  Good luck with your organizational efforts and don’t forget to check back with us for more idea, tips, and strategies to help you with your home in 2015.



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