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How Virtual Reality Goggles Put You In The Home Without Being There

urlGround-breaking technology has been transforming the real estate world and will continue to do so as it continues to develop and become more affordable for the masses. Virtual reality goggles are one such invention that would have sounded rather space age just ten years ago. But now reality goggles ARE a reality and the equipment and software needed to use them are more user-friendly than ever!

There are a number of scenarios that would be aided by the use of virtual reality goggles that could enable the viewer to get 360-degree views of residential and commercial spaces for sale. Buyers moving from out of state often have just a day – or even just hours – to view potential homes and having the ability to narrow down their choices to their favorites before they come to town would be a tremendous help. In addition, hot markets (like we’re seeing in Middle Tennessee currently!) sometimes warrant that buyers – especially those out-of-town – make sight-unseen offers on properties in desirable locations. Having the ability to preview the property with virtual reality goggles could help these buyers make better informed, but still quick, decisions.

The goggles could also be helpful for those who have a difficult time visualizing what a space could look like with furniture or renovations. This is especially a bigger deal for commercial properties when extensive build out and furniture placement is necessary to turn the space into what the buyer needs. Eventually the technology should be such that interior designers and contractors could use virtual reality goggles to show clients various “after” scenarios.

Up until the past few years, this technology was available, but was still too expensive to help the masses. Now many companies are offering virtual reality goggles and software that is compatible with your smartphone. For example, one such company, iStaging ( offers a $60 bundle that includes a live tour creator web platform, a virtual reality camera app that allows you to hold the phone at your chest and spin 360 degrees to capture the full space, and virtual reality goggles to be able to see the finished product. iStaging recently announced that they have raised $5 million in finding to continue rolling out their products and making them more mainstream for all of the real estate world.

As the cost of the goggles continues to go down and the software continues to be more and more user-friendly, virtual reality real estate tours will become more available and eventually the norm in the industry.

Have you ever taken a residential or commercial real estate tour with the use of virtual reality goggles? If so, what did you think?

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