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How to Treat Your Grass When it’s Hot and Dry

One of the most common concerns among homeowners who work hard to keep their grass looking great during the summer months is knowing what to do when the sun is out and the rain is not falling. During a drought, it is helpful to know useful tips on how to keep the grass green, full and beautiful, which provides aesthetic value and make your home more pleasant to live in and easier to sell. The following are four useful tips on how to treat your grass and keep it looking fantastic when the weather is hot and dry. 



Cut The Appropriate Length

One of the most common mistakes made during a drought is cutting the grass too short, which can cause an inability to grow appropriately and lead to bald spots in the grass. The ideal grass length is approximately 2 ½ inches, although each yard is different and some might be better at longer or shorter lengths. 

It is also important to remember the one-third rule, which states you should never remove more than a third of your grass length at once. The best way to keep your grass at the proper length and looking great all summer, mowing the lawn often is encouraged.

Avoid Excessive Watering

Another issue many homeowners have is watering the grass too much. Too much water intake can have a negative reaction on the grass and soil, which can lead to an inability to grow grass appropriately. The mistake many make during a drought is thinking the grass needs to be watered a lot each day. 

Instead, it is best to try and water the grass infrequently but very thorough when you do. It is important for the deeper parts of the soil to receive water, so watering a larger amount then waiting for the grass to dry some is oftentimes more effective than constantly watering every day.

Use The Right Fertilizer

The fertilizer you choose makes a big difference in how effective your grass is able to grow, especially when the weather is dry and hot. Be sure to consider your exact fertilizer needs and choose accordingly. Additionally, timing is also essential. In most instances, it is best to fertilize the grass in the spring, giving the soil plenty of time to soak up the nutrients and become resistant to dry, hot weather.

Repair Damage When Possible

Damage can happen for a number of reasons, from dogs running around the yard to dead grass as a result of too   or too much water. It is important to repair damage when possible by reseeding or starting to treat the grass properly to avoid more damage from happening. 

The Bottom Line

Whether you have half an acre or more than ten, it is important to treat your grass appropriately, which might require different actions depending on the state of the weather. When you are going through a drought, treating your grass properly is more essential than ever, and you can keep your grass looking great all summer by following the aforementioned treatment tips.


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