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How to Stay Productive While Working From Home

Working from home always sounds like an amazing idea. Perhaps, you’ve even uttered the words that so many have: “I would be so much more productive at home.”

Although, those who work from home know how challenging it actually is. Through the numerous distractions, varying routine and difficulty finding motivation, working from home, for many, is much more challenging than working out of an office.

With that said, there are some real advantages to working from home and tends to be a more relaxing experience when done correctly.

The following are four ways to stay productive while working at home, so you can enjoy the luxury of working on your own time without the pressure of a supervisor breathing down your neck.

Keep Your Routine The Same

First and most importantly, try your best to keep your daily routine the same, especially in the mornings.

The way you wake up and get ready sets the tone for your entire day. If you sleep in and go directly to your workstation in a manner that is different than how you would when going to the office, then you are immediately at a disadvantage.

Instead, be sure to keep the same routine. If you wake up early, take a shower and cook yourself breakfast, then be sure to do the same thing while at home. The only thing that should change is the annoying drive to work and the small talk with co-workers you find to be annoying.

Eliminate possible Distractions

Secondly, eliminate any possible distractions that could possibly present themselves throughout the day, such as watching television, taking a nap and playing games on the laptop.

While having someone constantly ask you about your progress is annoying, it often helps us stay on track. Without supervision, finding motivation can become much more difficult.

By eliminating any and all distractions that could prevent themselves, you give yourself a great chance of staying focused throughout the day and getting your work done as quickly as possible.

Create a Designated Work Space

Creating a designated workspace is another fantastic way to increase productivity while working from home. The ultimate goal is to eliminate distractions and increase energy level and motivation.

By working at a neat, tidy desk away from all distractions, you are able to keep yourself away from outside temptation and increase your focus level on your work.

Within your workspace, be sure to keep everything you need, which may include pens, paper, and cell phone and computer chargers. Otherwise, you may constantly lose focus by calling yourself away from your work in order to get needed items around the house.

Give Yourself Small Breaks

Last but most certainly not least, give yourself breaks when necessary.

Although taking a break causes many to feel unproductive, you are actually able to be more productive by taking a break whenever you become fatigued and lose focus on your work.

A good strategy to implement is the 52/17 technique, which requires you to take a 17-minute break after every 52 minutes of work.

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