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How to Stage Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

indexWhen it comes to selling your home one of the most important things you can do besides hiring the right agent is to properly stage it.  When people hear about staging their home they tend to think of high priced furniture, expensive renovations, and exclusive decor.  It is true that for every $1 spent on staging the sell price can increase by $2 – however it’s not necessary to run out and spend a ton of money on staging your home.

Here are some simple ways you can stage your home without breaking the bank.

Think White Label

In the business world the term “white label”  is used to describe a turn-key template, website, or business solution.  With staging a house you want to have a “white label” home for potential buyers.  This means taking out as many personal items as possible.  Picture frames with family photos, a refrigerator full of “to do” lists, etc are all items that make your home, your home.  When a buyer comes in they want to see themselves in the home.  Don’t remind them that you live there.  Replacing these items with some generic pieces can do the trick.

Minimize Clutter

If you’ve lived in your house for a period of time, chances are you’ve grown into the space and then some.  It’s natural for this to happen.  One day your house is empty the next you have more stuff than you know what to do with.  Creating a clean and spacious environment will give off good vibes to potential buyers.  Little things like storing your clothes in decorative boxes and buying high end clothes hangers for visualization are inexpensive and effective.

Clean, clean, clean

This one probably goes without saying, but you’d be surprised at how many people show a dirty home.  Not only does this turn off potential buyers but it’s just down right disgusting.  Take the time to thoroughly clean your house.  This means scrubbing the baseboards, toilets, and sinks.  Don’t forget the floors, window seals, and appliances.


Painting is one of the most inexpensive ways to change the look and feel of a room.  You may like your hunter green bonus room, but research has shown that neutral colors are best for staging a home.  Grab some paint and paint brushes and go to town.  This won’t cost you much and it will improve your chances of selling.

Set the mood

Do you have a living room with a lot of windows or a man cave in a basement?  Use the rooms natural appeal to set the mood.  In a room with a lot of windows, open up the shades and let the natural light filter through.  In the man cave scenario, set the scene so the potential buyer could see themselves enjoying a football game on Sundays.

Paying attention to details and thinking like the buyer would think will help you to stage your home in a way that will sell, sell, sell.  You don’t have to go all out when it comes to www.  Using the information in the details above will get you well on your way to selling your house.

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