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How to Remove a Stump In Your Yard Without Heavy Equipment

A huge stump in your yard can become an eyesore and affect curb appeal, making it more difficult to sell your home. If you are a DIY homeowner that prefers to remove the stump yourself without hiring a professional or purchasing expensive and hard to use equipment, then there are fortunately several effective ways to remove a stump in your yard without having to use heavy machinery. The following are four of the more effective and easy ways to remove a stump without heavy equipment. 



Dig and Remove The Root

One way to remove the stump is by digging out the root. Many professionals do not recommend this technique, but a lot of DIY homeowners have utilized the strategy to get rid of stubborn stumps in their yard. All you will need is a shovel,  root saw, strong hands and time. You can begin by digging out the middle of the tree root. Once you weaken the interior, digging will become easier. Continue to dig until you reach the root of the stump, and cut the stump with a root saw. You may need to allow several days for tree rot to occur, and then you should be able to remove the stump rather easily. 

Chemical Removal

Chemical removal is another effective technique for stump removal, although it may take slightly longer than digging up the roots. You can start by drilling holes into the tree root. Inside of these holes you can place a stump chemical remover. Be sure to follow the directions on the remover precisely as improper use can become incredibly dangerous to you and your yard. You will likely need to allow the chemicals to go to work for several days to more than a week before the stump is ready to be removed. 

Start a Kindling Fire

This is somewhat of an old-fashioned approach, but it is still effective nonetheless. You may be able to burn the stump away with a small kindling fire. Be sure not to make the fire too large as it could become dangerous and cause the fire to spread. Also, keep in mind that it can take several weeks for the stump to burn all the way down to the root, so you will need to exercise patience. Most importantly, check local laws to ensure burning a stump in your yard is legal. There are many areas where it is not allowed, in which case you will need to use an alternative method. 

Allow for Decay and Rot

Last but not least, you can allow the stump to decay and rot naturally. If you are not in a hurry, You can drill holes into the stump to speed up the rate of decay. The stump will eventually deteriorate, and after a certain point, you should be able to dig up the root. You may also wait until the entire stump decays and rake the remains over the underlying soil.

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