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How to Keep Your Yard Looking Good in The Summer Heat

Summer is the perfect time to show off an immaculate yard of green grass. However, the summer heat can also pose certain risks to your yard as well if the upkeep is not done properly. The following are several tips to keep your lawn looking great all summer. 




Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn properly is essential to keep it growing thick and full and maintaining its green appearance without dead spots. Several mowing tips to overcome the summer heat include:


  • Mow early in the morning
  • Use quality blades
  • Mow one-third of the grass length
  • Keep the grass higher


The combination of being cut and the summer heat can harm grass. Mowing early in the morning can also help you from getting too hot. Be sure to check your blades and upgrade if they are getting dull. This is because dull blades can rip the grass rather than cut. Additionally, cutting only 1/3 of the grass length and leaving the height higher than normal can help. 

Watering Your Lawn

Watering properly is also essential to a great summer lawn. A common mistake many make is watering every day. In the summer, watering thoroughly once a week is much better as it can help the root get the water and nutrients it needs. It is also helpful to water early in the morning. This allows the water to soak into the grass before heat evaporates it. Watering too late in the evening may also increase the likelihood of fungus and obnoxious weeds growing. 

Applying Fertilizer

Fertilizer can help you control the fullness of your grass and the rate at which it grows. A common misconception is that it is okay to apply a lot of fertilizer in the summer since it is peak growing season. While fertilizer can help, you do not want your grass to grow too quickly. To prevent this, consider using a fertilizer that has a lower nitrogen content. Many recommend fertilizing your lawn every six weeks, although some lawns may only need it 10-12 weeks. 

Repairing Brown Spots

Keeping a perfect lawn is nearly impossible. The fact is accidents occur that can cause brown spots to develop, such as urine from your pet or your neighbor’s pet. There are lawn repair kits that are available for this very issue. With prompt care, you can quickly get rid of the annoying brown patches in under a week. 

Keeping off the Grass

To keep an ideal curb appeal with a beautiful lawn, it requires some sacrifice. Many are tempted to use their lawn for recreation, especially those who have children. Unfortunately, walking and running across grass can damage the grass. Instead, consider designating an area that is less noticeable or preferably does not contain any grass for the play area. 

The Bottom Line

Keeping your lawn looking great requires work, but you can make the process easier by mowing properly, watering your lawn the appropriate amount and applying the right amount of fertilizer. It is also important to repair brown spots promptly and encourage those you live with to stay off of the grass.


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