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How to Keep Your Sanity While Staying at Home This Summer

The coronavirus has forced everyone to stay inside more this summer. For those who have kids or now work from home, keeping your sanity during these challenging times is not easy. The following are effective ways to keep your kids happy (and quiet), have success working from home and maintain a good relationship with your significant other while spending more time inside this summer. 

Dealing with your kids

Kids have lots of energy, and when forced inside all day, they can certainly challenge your sanity. Many parents have been forced to cancel summer trips, reduce the number of sleepovers their child has and allow their child to play fewer sports, which makes keeping them happy and occupied more challenging. However, you can keep your kids happy, less distracting and having fun all summer by creating fun games they can play outside, purchasing fun outdoor play equipment (swingset, trampoline, etc.) and ensuring they go to bed on time, which allows you to wind down late at night after a hard day.

Working from home

Kids, your significant other and other family members and friends who live with you can make it more challenging to get work done from home. You likely will rather spend time with them, while knowing you have to get your work done, which makes the situation challenging. Several tips to make working from home easier and more effective is to designate a specific area of your home a work area, get your day started early so you can finish your work sooner without stress and take frequent brakes.

Spending time with your spouse

If you live with a spouse or significant other, then you understand the importance of having moments to yourself throughout the day. If you and your spouse work or stay at home each day, then you can drive each other crazy. Of course, the opportunity to spend more time together is great, but giving each other some space and can help as well. In addition, lean on one another to care for the kids, equally splitting the responsibility so neither of you becomes overwhelmed. 

The importance of a clean house

When you and your family are at home for most of the summer, or even if you live alone, keeping a clean house is difficult. Consider setting strict house rules (i.e. removing shoes before coming inside) and giving chores for everyone to do (i.e. taking out the trash, doing the dishes, etc.). A clean home is often a happy home, and it can make the entire experience better for everyone. 

Making use of your outdoor space

Staying inside more is important for limiting the potential exposure to COVID-19, but getting outside some is also important for mental and physical health. Consider using the outdoor space around your home to allow for physical activity. If you do not have much outdoor space, then consider going for a neighborhood walk with the family or finding a nearby park to hold an outdoor picnic.


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