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How to Efficiently Pack Up When Moving

Let’s face it, packing for a move is not fun. For many, packing up before moving is one of the most stressful and frustrating experiences there is. You can make packing much easier, however, by knowing useful tips on how to effectively and efficiently use your space, organize boxes and stay organized during the move. 




Gather The Necessary Equipment

One of the biggest mistakes people make when moving is starting to pack before realizing they are missing key equipment. Subsequently, the first essential to a successful packing process before a big move is to ensure you have all of the necessary equipment, which may include strong boxes, packaging tape, padding supplies, labeling stickers and marking pens. 

It is often helpful to make a list of all of the items you have to move, and then come up with a strategic plan on how to pack everything up properly, which should give a good indication as to the equipment that is needed. 

Use Your Packing Space Wisely

You should also utilize your packing space to the best of your ability, which may include wrapping clothes to make them more compact, planning the proper arrangement of items inside of boxes and taking apart large items. The least amount of boxes and crates you have to use, the easier the packing and moving experience is likely to be. 

A good rule to follow is to reduce the amount of air inside the box by ensuring there is not any empty space. It is also a good idea to wrap each item you pack up, particularly those that are more fragile.

Label Each Box and Pack Accordingly

You should have a dedicated packing station inside your home to make the process easier. At your packing station, all of your equipment should be right beside you. This allows you to quickly label each box as you go, so you do not forget which items are where when unpacking. Otherwise, you run the risk of a difficult unpacking experience. 

There are various ways to label your boxes. Perhaps the most popular method is to simply label the category, such as “John’s Shoes.” Another method is to label by room, such as “Kitchen Supplies” or “Sarah’s Bedroom.” 

Load The Boxes Strategically

The last step in the packing process is to load the boxes strategically. For larger hauls, it is best to rent a moving truck or trailer to increase your loading space. You should also consider which boxes you plan to open first after unloading – which you can also label as “open first.” It is often easiest to load the boxes you plan to open last first, and load the boxes you plan to open first very last. 

The open first boxes may include cleaning supplies, shower items and perhaps a box full of snacks in case anyone gets hungry. In many instances, the unloading and unpacking process takes just as long as packing, and there are certain items you may need before all the boxes are unpacked.


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