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How to Buy a House Like a Rock Star in a Seller’s Market

If you haven’t looked at your property values lately you might be surprised to see how much the housing industry has rebounded from the financial recession of the late 2000’s.  In 2014 the leverage definitely belongs to the sellers, but don’t let that keep you from buying a house if you are in the market.  There are always deals out there, you may have to look for them longer, but they are out there.

Here are some ways you can buy a house like a rock star.

·        The first and most important thing you can do is to work with a good local agent, and agrees.  Here’s what they have to say….

Want to live in a particular neighborhood or school district? Chances are there are a handful of agents who specialize in the area. Know who they are and try to work with one of them. A good local agent means the difference between getting your offer accepted in a competitive market and spending months unsuccessfully writing offers. Good agents like to work with agents they know.  A good listing agent wants to be certain, for the sake of his seller clients, that a deal will go through. One way they can provide this certainty is to steer their client toward a buyer whose agent is well-known, well respected and can get the deal done. Work with someone from outside the area or unfamiliar with local customs and your search could drag on for months.

·        ­­Working with a local agent can help you find those deals that may not be on the market yet or the knowledge of the local agent can be beneficial.   For example, they can work with former clients to see if they’d be interested in selling.

·        Don’t delay on your search process.  In a seller’s market time is everything.  Often times you’ll go to an open house and find out that the house already has a contract on it.  That’s how fast deals move in a seller’s market.

·        Get your finances in order.  When things are moving fast you won’t have time to get pre-approved and figure out your down payment, closing costs, etc.  Go ahead and get pre-approved and get some ballpark figures on down payment and miscellaneous costs from your agent.

If you live in or around Middle Tennessee and need to talk with a good, local, qualified agent feel free to reach out to any of our agents at Exit Realty Bob Lamb & Associates in Murfreesboro, TN.

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