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How Automated Is Your Home?

indexFrom automated dishwashers and microwaves to smart garage doors and thermostats, the modern home has become a hotbed of technology and automation.  Let’s take a look at some of these impressive products and how they can help you with day to day chores.


How would you like a dishwasher that sent you an e-mail and text when it was out of soap?  This is now possible with technology designed by Virginia Tech University.  More and more homes are using technology in their homes to make life easier.  In fact,

“By 2020, half of households, particularly affluent ones, will be engaged in some kind of substantial aspect of home automation,” said Frank Gillett, a vice president and principal analyst studying home automation for Forrester.

Now, if they can just figure out a way for the dishwasher to load and unload itself.


In this same Virginia Tech kitchen design, they have developed a way for microwaves to detect the moment popcorn stops popping.  This would sure save some burnt bags of popcorn in my house.  They even have a pantry that sends alerts when it’s running low on food.

Garage Doors

You may have seen the commercial where the guy drives away from home only to remember he forgot to shut the garage door.  He promptly taps on his phone and “voila” the garage door is closed.  Newer garage doors are now equipped with this technology that allows for smartphone control.  However you don’t have to have a new door in order to have this technology.  Adapter kits are now being sold to allow older garage door owners to take part as well.


Household technology is big business.  You may have seen last year where Google agreed to buy Nest Technologies for $3.2 billion in cash.  They make a variety of household technology including programmable thermostats.  These thermostats can be controlled by your smartphone.  For example, if you are at the office and decide you won’t be coming home as earlier as thought, you can program your house to stay cooler or warmer depending on your preference.

These are just a few of the ever expanding array of products that are being automated for the home.  Not only will adding this technology make your life easier, but it increases the resell value of your home as well.  These are items that can easily be marketed to would be buyers.  Using new and improved home technology can be both useful and fun!


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