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Hot 2017 Kitchen Trends

kitchen-1799712_960_720Every new year brings new design trends and sees old trends becoming “so last year.” 2017 is no exception, ushering in some fun new kitchen design ideas. Here are a few of our favorites that we’re starting to see here in Middle Tennessee:

Pops of Color. All-white kitchens have dominated for the past few years, but we are starting to see more colors in the kitchen, especially on islands, appliances and backsplashes. If you’re not ready for a complete kitchen renovation, try adding pops of color in other ways like on kitchen stools and accessories.

Tuxedo Cabinets. What are tuxedo cabinets? They’re cabinets that are different colors on the top and bottom. For a true tuxedo cabinet, you’d do black cabinets on the bottom and white ones on the top, but the concept can be used with any colors. Try different shades of the same colors in your kitchen, always putting the darker color on the bottom.

Shiplap. Joanna and Chip Gaines on HGTV’s Fixer Upper have made shiplap a household term over the past few years. For those who haven’t been watching their hit show, shiplap is horizontal wood siding that is often painted white. Use it as a backsplash or in other areas of your kitchen to add a little texture.

Hidden Appliances. Whereas stainless steel appliances have been dominating the landscape for the past decade, homeowners today are choosing instead to hide their appliances and blend them into the kitchen’s style.

Solid Countertops. Speckled granite countertops are on their way out and solid and simpler grains are making their way to the forefront. Look into quartz, marble and butcher block for timeless options for an updated kitchen.

Functional Islands. Homeowners are beginning to design their kitchen islands to function in multiple ways. For example with bookshelves and additional seating built into them, they can play a role in the living room as much as in the kitchen.

Mixed Metals. Stainless steel is still a top contender but metals like bronze and pewter are finding their way onto the scene. Don’t be afraid to mix different colored metals on cabinet pulls, sink hardware, appliances and lighting.

Drawers. If you’re re-doing your cabinets, look to add more functional space to your lower cabinets by installing more drawers and less cabinets. You’ll find that drawers are a more efficient way to hold plates, pots and pans.

No matter what the trends are for 2017, it’s important that your kitchen’s design follows the overall look and feel of your home. A modern kitchen may be all the rage, but would feel odd in your traditional home whereas shiplap fits perfectly in a country farmhouse but would look out-of-place in a sleek and modern space.

What is your favorite design trend for 2017?

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