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Homeowners Guide to Hiring Movers

truck-309398_960_720So you’ve sold your home and bought a new one… congratulations! Now you just need to get all of your stuff from here to there! We can’t think of a single person who enjoys the moving process, but it doesn’t have to be a painful job as long as you can plan ahead and make the right hire. Below is your guide to hiring the right movers:

Get recommendations. Ask friends, family and co-workers for tried-and-true moving company recommendations. Also check Angie’s List, Facebook, Yelp and local 411 pages for help in compiling a short list of companies to call. Include both local companies as well as bigger national brands.

Do your research. Once you’ve landed on a handful of recommended names, do your research to make sure they are legitimate. Run your company names through the Better Business Bureau ( and Keep in mind that no matter who you hire there may be some negative reviews, but look for patterns of complaints.

Get an in-person estimate. Companies who just give broad estimates may plan to add on unexpected extra charges on the back end, so don’t agree to anything open-ended. When they are at your house, be sure to show them everything they will be moving including items in the garage and attic and any particularly heavy items.

Provide information about moving challenges. When the company is at your home, be sure to show them anything that might make moving more challenging: tight stairs, small hallways, low ceilings, etc. Also note anything in your new house that might pose a challenge as well.

Ask questions. Ask for specifics on anything and everything. For example: How many people will come on moving day? Are the movers contracted or company employees? Will they be taking breaks during the day? How does the company handle broken, lost or damaged items? Is additional insurance available for purchase?

Compare quotes. Make sure you end up with 3 to 4 quotes to compare. Toss out any quotes that are particularly high but also be wary of any quote that seems abnormally low. If the quotes vary widely, ask clarifying questions to ensure you’re comparing apples to apples.

Negotiate. If you have flexibility and can move during the week, ask for a discount as moving companies are much more in demand on the weekends. If you prefer one company over another but their estimate is higher, don’t hesitate to ask for a lower price.

Hire a moving company! After you’ve done all of the above, hire your moving company knowing you’ve done all of your due diligence. Once they are hired, be clear about the moving date, start time and any expectations that you have.

Good luck on your next move!

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