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indexThe buyer/real estate relationship is a unique one.  As a buyer you are relying on your agent to be your representative, consultant, advisor, friend, confidant, and assistant.  These are a lot of hats to wear, but a satisfied buyer is a win, win, win when it comes to buyer, seller, agent.  However there are things buyers can do that will hurt their chances of getting first class service.  In order to keep the wheels turning in this well tuned relationship you have to make sure you don’t do certain things that will break the engine.

Don’t Waste Time

Your agent works for you but they also work for a lot of other buyers.  They don’t mind showing you home after home until you find the right one, but don’t ask for showings if you are not interested.  Not only does this waste your and their time, but it keeps you from finding the type of home you really want.  The agent could be using this time to network and find you the perfect house.

Can The Crazy Offers

No one likes exceptionally low ball offers.  If a home is worth $350,000 and there’s nothing wrong with it, don’t put in a crazy offer such as $200,000.  Not only is this an insult to the seller, but it’s a waste of time and it won’t do you any good.  There’s nothing wrong with offering less than asking price, but let your agent guide you on a reasonable offer that can be negotiated.

Be Prompt

Agents have demanding schedules.  When there’s a showing, be sure to show up on time or even early.  When you are late or don’t show up at all, it creates tension between the yourself and the agent and the seller.  There are cases for emergencies, traffic jams, etc.  Put your agent’s number in your phone and call them ahead of time if you think you’ll be late.  Again, keeping an open and honest relationship with your agent is for your benefit.

Open Lines of Communication

Be honest with your agent about where you are in the home buying process.  If you aren’t serious and just want to see what’s out there, let them know that.  Agents know a good relationship with a potential home buyer can pay off down the road, so they won’t mind sending you listings or educating you on the market, etc.  Letting them know what you are thinking will allow them to work smarter for you.

Reminder, a good agent is worth their weight in gold.  Finding and buying a home can be a long and tricky process.  It’s better to have a reliable partner on your side.  Treating your agent right will pay dividends down the road you could never imagine.



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