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Guide to Getting Rid of Bugs in Your House

Bugs in your home can be incredibly annoying, and failed attempts to get rid of them can make things all the more frustrating. This guide provides simple yet highly effective ways for you to debug your home and keep the bugs away long-term. 

How to get rid of bugs in your home

Among the most notable bugs that often enter and refuse to leave houses include ants, flies, roaches, spiders, ticks, fruit flies, flies and stink bugs. The following is a breakdown of the recommended ways to get rid of bugs in your home, based on the type of bugs you are having the most issue getting rid of. 


Ants do not like the smell of cinnamon, and the scent can repel ants that have the intention of entering your home. To keep ants away, sprinkle cinnamon powder in the area where ants are entering. Lemon juice and peppermint are also known deterrents for ants and can help keep your home ant-free. 


Houseflies are incredibly annoying. The good news is you can help keep flies away by using citronella candles. Some studies have reported that bags of water can even detract flies by throwing off their compound eye. These are useful and chemical-free alternatives to fly traps. 


Roaches are ugly, disgusting to kill and certainly not welcome in your home. You can get rid of roaches in your home and keep them away by using a mixture of onions and baking soda. Simply chop one onion and add a tablespoon of baking soda to each corner of your home until the cockroaches are gone. This is a natural alternative to toxic store-bought chemicals. 


Spiders are small but can be quite scary, especially if you are not sure if they are poisonous. The good news is, like many bugs, spiders do not like strong smells. You should be able to keep spiders out of your home by adding peppermint oil and liquid detergent to water and mixing it together in a spray bottle. If it is easier for you, then eucalyptus, citronella or lavender can accomplish the same goal. Spray the most vulnerable areas of your home once a week to get rid of spiders in your house. 


You may find yourself with a tick problem in your house if you have pets that frequently spend time outside. They are not only creepy, but they can carry diseases as well. You can repel ticks by using rose geranium essential oil, citronella and rubbing alcohol. Mix these ingredients with water inside a spray bottle and spray the areas where ticks could possibly attach themselves, such as the bottom of your pant leg or shoes. 

Final thoughts

Fruit flies, fleas and stink bugs can be repelled with similar ingredients such as peppermint oil, eucalyptus, citronella and lavender. Of course, keeping your home clean and treating any bug problems as soon as possible is helpful in keeping bugs out of your home. 

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