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From Halloween Hacks to Halloween Snacks: How to Prepare Your House for Halloween

It’s that time of year again where little ghosts and monsters roam the streets for something sweet to eat. The time when pumpkins, witches, and spiders make us think of spooks, candy, and cider. However you celebrate or decorate, here are 5 hacks and snacks for a Halloween to the max.


Little Pumpkins – Take an orange, hollow it out then carve a pumpkin face on it and fill it with candy. Not only are these cute, but the kids will love them!







Bloody Candles – Light some red candles then let the wax drip down the sides of some white candles. This is a subtle yet innovative way to add a spice of creepy to your decor.







Spooky Milk Jugs – Draw scary faces on empty milk jugs, then cut holes in their sides and string them together with Christmas lights. This is an inexpensive and creative way to enjoy Halloween.







Demon Eye Toilet Paper Rolls – Take some old toilet paper rolls and cut out some scary eyes. Put a glow stick in them, then place them around your yard in bushes and trees. At night it will look like monsters are staring right at you.







Spider Cubes – Put plastic spiders in your ice cube trays then fill with water and freeze. These will creep out any drink.








Circus Peanut Fingers – This is a super easy way to beef up your Halloween snacks. Take Circus Peanuts and place jelly beans on the ends to look like fingernails. Place them around your house or kitchen for “finger” snacks.







Puking Pumpkin – Carve a small pumpkin then place on a chip plate. Make some Guacamole and have it coming out of the pumpkin’s mouth. Place chips around it for dipping.







Mummy Dogs – This takes pigs in a blanket to a new level. Wrap up the weenies, but leave room at the top for a face. Place two small dots on the face for eyes.







Worms in Dirt – Don’t make this one unless you can separate fiction from reality. Otherwise you might be joining the Puking Pumpkin








Payday Bag – This one isn’t spooky or scary but it is yummy, especially if you like Payday candy bars. Take regular ‘ole candy corn and mix it with salted peanuts. You’d be surprised at how much it tastes like a Payday.



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