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Detecting Foundation Problems with Your Home Before It’s Too Late

Foundation problems can sneak up you if you are not careful and are not familiar with the early signs of trouble. Issues such as water damage, high utility costs and caved in or cracked structures develop if a proper foundation is not in place. It is important to fix minor issues with the foundation as soon as possible to ensure the safety of the home and prevent expensive repairs in the future. 



Signs of Foundation Problems

While some signs such as large cracks in floors or walls are obvious, many signs of foundation problems are far more subtle, and it is important to know what to look for when determining whether your home foundation is in good standing(no pun intended). The following are four issues to look for when examining your home’s foundation. 

Floor & wall cracks

Cracks are never a good thing. They represent a sign that the foundation is bearing too much pressure or the particular point where the crack exists is not strong enough. The worst part about cracks, especially those that occur in floors and walls, is that they grow increasingly worse the longer nothing is done to fix them. A minor crack is easy to fix, but if the homeowner puts the repair off, then it could lead to expensive repairs in the future. 

Leaning walls

Every supporting structure of your home should stand strong, and a serious sign that something is wrong is if one of the walls is leaning. In many instances, this is caused by too much pressure, such as outside force pressing upon the walls inside the home or too much weight on the area above. Leaning walls may also be the result of a weak structure, such as one that is damaged by water and starts to bend. It is often easy to fix this issue if detected in the early stages, whereas putting off the repair can cause the issue to become incredibly concerning and expensive to fix. 

Door & window gaps

Door and window gaps are one of the more subtle issues with the foundation, and it is also one of the most prevalent. Doors and windows should meet perfectly with the walls or floor while closed. If there is a gap between the door and floor or window and wall, then it is a sign that there is a problem with the foundation. If doors and windows stick or shut too tight while closed, then that is a bad sign as well. 

Water intrusion

One of the main concerns of cracks and gaps in the foundation is that it will eventually lead to water getting into the home if the problem continues to worsen. Subsequently, if there is any sign of water intrusion or water damage, then there is likely a problem with the home’s foundation. Be certain to find the main point where water is entering the home and promptly make any necessary repairs to ensure the problem does not continue or worsen in the future.

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