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Create a Super Romantic Valentine’s Date at Home

indexO.k. guys, it’s that time of year again and the pressure is on to give your loved one a memorable Valentine’s gift. You could go out to eat, but if you don’t have a reservation by now you are probably out of luck. You could go to the movies but that might require possibly getting a baby sitter or seeing a dud of a movie that might leave a bad memory. Finally, this goes without saying – prices on Valentine’s Day are way out of line.

So, how can you give your special loved one a memorable Valentine’s Day without losing your mind or breaking the bank?

Create a Super Romantic Valentine’s Date at Home!


Although you should know these things, we will cover them just to make sure you don’t forget.

Candles – Buy a lot of tea candles and leave them all around the house. This will definitely get her attention and create a romantic setting.

Flowers – Flowers are tough to get in the winter time at a decent price. Get creative with the flowers. Instead of buying a dozen roses, get a few then peel off the petals to scatter around the house.

Candy – Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate. This doesn’t cost much and goes a long way towards letting your loved one know how much you feel about them.

Peace and Quiet

If you are like a lot of couples you might have kids to contend with. If you are in this situation stage your “special night” after they have gone to bed. Make their bed time earlier than normal so you can get the date started.

Once you have secured a peaceful setting, draw your loved one a bubble bath and let them soak away with a glass of their favorite beverage.


Nothing sets the mood quite like music. You can find romantic music on most cable or satellite channels. If not, you could use a service like Spotify or Pandora to find romantic music.


Be creative when it comes to being romantic. You know what your loved one likes. Think back to some memorable times and surprise them with a movie you might have seen while you were dating, or a special meal you shared in your past. The more specific you are the more memorable it will be.

However you decide to spend Valentine’s Day, don’t forget that your house can be used to create a romantic evening with your loved one.

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