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Checklist for Winterizing Your Home in 2021

The cold weather approaches quickly and without much warning. One moment your soaking up the sun and the next moment you are scrambling to prepare your home for the cold weather. When it comes time to winterize your home, you can do so by sealing all of the cracks, protecting your pipes from bursting, cleaning the chimney and gutters and having your heat checked. The following is a review of each checklist item when preparing for the cold weather in 2021. 



Seal all cracks

The first step to winterizing your home in 2021 is to ensure it is properly caulked and weather-stripped. You can use draft guards under the doors to prevent cold air from entering. There is also weather-stripping tape that you can purchase as well, although sealing your home windows and walls with caulk may be all that is necessary. Window insulation film also works well for keeping the warm air inside and the cold air away. 

Protect your pipes 

You will also need to protect your pipes with insulated covers (if possible). This is particularly useful in areas of the country that are colder (northern United States). Otherwise, your pipes could burst and lead to a host of issues, including a large cost for replacing the burst pipes and repairing any subsequent damage that occurs as a result. 

Clean your chimney

You will also need to clean your chimney out before the cold weather arrives in force in 2021. You may need to order a chimney inspection as well, especially if you plan to use your fireplace often in the cold months early in 2021. An annual chimney inspection will reveal what cleaning mechanisms are needed for the chimney and other potential concerns such as a bird’s nest that may be in your chimney. 

Clean the gutters

The gutters can become clogged during the fall. Once clogged, it becomes more challenging for rainwater to drain the way it is supposed to, which could cause flooding and other concerns around the border of your property. Be sure to clean your gutters thoroughly when winterizing your home. You can also install gutter guards to prevent any future buildups of debris in your gutters, making the gutter cleaning process easier in the future. 

Have your heat checked

There is nothing worse than being in your home without heat when the weather is freezing outdoors. You should also have all aspects of your heat checked, including the furnace. If there are any concerns, you want to give yourself time to make the necessary repairs. Ideally, you should consider an annual HVAC check to ensure any issues or warning signs are detected and properly dealt with. 

Gather emergency equipment

Lastly, be sure to gather emergency equipment in case a winter storm causes a power outage. This should include candles, battery-powered flashlights, batteries, board games (for the family), food and beverages. By doing so, you can ensure any power outage is as convenient as possible until the power is restored.


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