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Buy The Ultimate Christmas Gift This Year – A House!

House with bowHave you been wondering what to buy that special person for Christmas this year?  Maybe something that will leave a lasting impression and make the memory of a lifetime?  How about a house?  That’s right, you should consider buying a house for Christmas and here’s why.

We all know just how busy the month of December is with year end work projects, Christmas planning, holiday parties, school events, family gatherings, etc.  Who in their right mind would be selling a house this time of year?  A motivated seller is who.  So, if you are ready and willing you might just be able to pull off a great deal on a new home.

As mentioned most people won’t put their home on the market in December because of the short month, wintry conditions and busy schedules.  If they do, then there’s probably a motivating factor and you could be the one to benefit.

The flip side to this scenario is that inventory during December is usually low, so you more than likely will have less homes to choose from.  Let your agent know specifics on what you are looking for, so you can quickly narrow down the choices.

If you are serious about buying before Christmas, another approach is to ask about “old expires”.  These are homes that were on the market months or years prior but for whatever reason never sold.  Approaching these potential sellers could result in a deal that would make for a very nice Christmas present.  Of course you might be spending your holiday break packing boxes and moving furniture.

One final technique is to ask your agent about “coming soon” properties.  These could be listings that are being prepped for the beginning of the year.  You might be able to get in early on a deal and beat the competition to the punch.

While all of this may sound like a dream come true, there are a couple of things to consider if you do try to buy a home during this time of year.  If the home is in a cold weather state and snow is on the ground, there may be defects that might not be noticed until warmer weather thaws the ice and snow.  Another potential drawback is getting all the professional service pieces in place during the holidays.  Inspectors, insurance agents, mortgage brokers, title officers, etc. are people too and like to spend time with their friends and family during the holidays.  Being aware of this can help you when planning to make that once in a lifetime Christmas present purchase!

If you need help buying or selling a home during the holidays, give one of our qualified agents a call!

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