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Best Way to Sell a Home During The Holidays

The holidays present a unique challenge when selling a home. The holiday season will either make selling your home difficult or make the process easier, depending on how you handle the situation. This review offers effective tips and strategies to implement when selling your home this holiday season. 

How to sell a home during the holidays

You can increase the likelihood of selling your home during the holidays by adding Christmas and New Year decorations, remaining flexible on ways in which you offer home showings, gain an understanding of the closing process and hire a real estate agent. A holiday discount is also useful in some situations as well. 

Add holiday decorations

You can use the holiday season to add beautiful decorations to a home that otherwise would be appropriate to add. But be careful — adding too many holiday decorations may become a distraction for prospective buyers or make the home appear less spacious than it actually is. Nevertheless, adding some Christmas lights and some minor holiday decor can go a long way in giving the home an attractive appeal. 

Allow for virtual showings

2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic has provided a unique challenge to home sellers. To combat the pandemic, consider offering more ways to show your home. Most notably, virtual showings are a great way for prospective buyers to see the entire home safely. Taking detailed pictures or hiring a professional photographer to take real estate photos is helpful as well. 

Understand the closing process

Regardless of the season you sell your home, you should have an understanding of the closing process. This is, however, even more important during the holidays as home appraisers, inspectors, lenders (etc.) may have different and more limited hours. By understanding the closing process and the hour changes, you can plan accordingly and prevent setbacks during the closing process. 

Consider a holiday discount

This tip is not applicable to every home seller. However, dropping the listing price during the holiday season is often helpful in selling the home faster. Real estate demand is often lower during the winter months, leading to more days on market. If you are in a hurry to sell your home before the holidays are over, consider a drop in the listing price, which you can market as a “holiday discount.” 

Hire an experienced real estate agent

Life during the holiday season is hectic. If you do not have time or simply would like professional help with selling your home during the holiday season, then hire an experienced real estate agent in your area that has experience selling homes during the holidays. This ensures the home is listed, shown and sold properly, without you having to do the heavy lifting. 

The bottom line

Although selling a home during the holidays is a unique experience, you can use the holiday season to your advantage by adding in holiday-themed decorations and marketing the home in a manner that makes it easier for buyers to find and see the home.


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