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Best Things to Do For Your Yard in the Spring

Spring has arrived, and it is time to prepare your lawn for the beautiful weather. Keeping your lawn in great condition throughout the spring and winter months does not have to be difficult, and this guide provides you with six useful tips for getting your lawn in shape after winter and how to keep it in ideal condition throughout the spring and summer. 

How to prepare your lawn for the spring

You can prepare your lawn for spring by first removing all of the leaves and filling in the bare spots. You can also use pre-emergent to prevent weeds from growing and aerate and apply fertilizer to ensure your grass grows in properly, along with watering and mowing regularly.

Remove fall and winter leaves

There may be leaves and branches in your yard left from the fall and winter months. A good first step is to remove the debris. You can do this primarily by raking deep into your lawn. You can also use a leaf blower to get the remaining debris as well. This also loosens your clumps of grass, which can allow your lawn to grow in more fully. Be sure to rake when the soil is dry to avoid pulling up grassroots. 

Fill bare or thin spots

Your lawn may have bare spots or areas where the grass is thinner as well. You can fix this easily by overseeding your lawn, meaning sow more seed over your existing grass. Five weeks after applying the overseed, use quick-release nitrogen fertilizer. This further helps get rid of bare patches from dog spots and heavily trafficked areas. 

Aerate your lawn

You can aerate your lawn by spiking the surface of your soil approximately 30 millimeters. This creates small holes in your soil and encourages the proper growth of a healthy lawn during the spring season. You should ideally aerate your lawn at the beginning of the spring, and you may need to do it more often depending on the climate you live in. 

Use pre-emergent and weed killer

Pre-emergent is a great way to prevent weeds, crabgrass and more from growing during the spring. However, this may not prevent all weeds from growing, so you may need to apply weed killer or post-emergent as well once your spring lawn begins to grow in completely. 

Apply spring fertilizer

Timing is important when applying spring fertilizer. Ideally, you should apply fertilizer three weeks after the grass starts to turn green. You do not want to apply fertilizer too early as it could encourage weed growth or cause the grass to grow before the roots are ready.

Water and mow regularly

Mowing and watering your lawn regularly is very important for maintaining a beautiful lawn all spring and summer. You should mow once every three to five days ideally and water your lawn once each week. Be sure to also cut your grass to the ideal height, which is generally around 2 and a half inches.

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