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Best Places to Keep a Safe in Your Home

It is important to strategically place your safe so that it is protected in case of a burglary, fire or flood, along with ensuring it is easy to access when necessary. Most safe owners store items that are incredibly important in the safe, and you can feel more confident it is safe by placing it in the right area inside your home.




How to find the right place for your safe

If you have a safe that attaches to your wall, then placing it in your office or bedroom might be safe, but a safe that sits on the ground may require more planning. The following are four factors to consider when deciding the most appropriate area to place your safe inside your home. 

Low-traffic area

During a home invasion, the first place a burglar will look at is the areas of the home that is used the most, such as the living room and bedrooms.  Subsequently, the chance of your safe being discovered is higher if it is placed in areas that are obvious. You should also avoid the garage as well as it is typically the easiest to break into for many homeowners. Instead, consider placing your safe in low-traffic areas such as a coat closet, guest bedroom towards the back of the house, etc. 

Protection from fire

A fire, rather than a burglar, is likely the biggest threat to your safe, and it is important to find an area where your safe is well-protected if a home fire occurs. If you have an area of your home that is well-protected by a sprinkler system, then it may make for a great location. Also, be sure to keep your smoke alarms working properly. Another option is to place your safe in the corner of your home where fire cannot easily reach. 

Above-ground area

Fire is a threat to your safe but so is water. Water damage can destroy the floor underneath the safe and threaten the safe and stored items in the safe as well. Therefore, it is best to avoid placing your safe in below-ground areas such as a basement. Also, the garage is often much more prone to flooding as well, so it may not make for an ideal area either. Instead, look for first floor areas that are protected from the possibility of water damage. 

Ease of access

While protecting your safe might be the top priority, you also want to have accessibility to your safe and ensure it is not a hassle to get to. Consider placing your safe in an area where you and your family members know where it is and have access, such as a home office, guest bedroom or coat closet. 

The bottom line

With proper planning, you can find the right place for your safe where it is protected from theft, fire and water damage, while also ensuring you can easily get to it when necessary. Areas such as a hallway closet, home office and guest bedroom are great options to consider.


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