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Best Drywall Techniques for the DIYer

Drywall is essential in the construction process for interior walls and ceilings. If you are on a budget, then cutting and laying your own drywall could be the best solution. However, it is important to have a clear plan before you begin to avoid any setbacks. 

Techniques and tips for cutting and laying drywall 

The key to a successful drywall job is to ensure you use the right materials and tools, give yourself time to complete the job properly without rushing any steps and follow your plan as closely as possible. The following are five effective and important tips and techniques for cutting and laying drywall for your home. 

Get the tools you need beforehand

Cutting and laying drywall can be a DIY project if prepared for properly, but it does require the right tools. Every job is different and tool requirements may vary based on the size of the project and types of material used. In general, you will need the following:


  • Electric drywall saw
  • Drywall keyhole saw
  • Drywall rasp
  • Utility knife


The total cost should be well under $100. This is significantly less than labor costs, and you can reuse or resale the tools once you are finished. 

Lay horizontal surfaces first

Laying drywall is made easier by laying all horizontal surfaces before you lay vertical surfaces. Horizontal surfaces include the ceiling and soffit bottom drywall. After you all horizontal surfaces, you can begin laying the vertical surfaces, which mainly includes the interior walls. 

Cut door and window openings

A huge mistake many homeowners make when doing the drywall themselves is forgetting to cut the doors and windows before they lay the interior drywall. This can lead to making adjustments that are time-consuming, wasting more drywall than necessary and increased costs. Therefore, before you lay the drywall, determine your exact needs for doors and windows and mark and cut all openings before starting with the drywall. 

Measure precisely to reduce waste

If you are on a budget, then reducing waste is important. The best way to reduce the amount of drywall that goes unused is determining how much you need before you begin. After calculating your precise measurements, purchase the right size drywall. (Tip: 12 foot long sheets often work better than 8 foot long sheets). Be careful while cutting the drywall to further minimize the amount of unused drywall. 

Remain patient and pay attention to detail

If you have never cut and laid drywall before, then you may experience a few minor setbacks as you learn. If this occurs, try to remain calm and patient and handle each setback in stride. You can also reduce the risk of setbacks by paying close attention to detail while cutting and following your plan one step at a time. 

The bottom line

Cutting and laying drywall can be a DIY project by following the aforementioned drywall tips and techniques. The benefits of laying drywall yourself include reduced cost, faster service and the same level of quality as a professional when done correctly.

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