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Best Apps for Sticking to a New Year’s Resolution

It is never easy sticking with a New Year’s resolution. As determined as we are, it often seems as if we can never follow through. You can make 2021 different and follow through with your resolutions with proper planning. It helps to use apps from iOS, Android, Google and more to help you stick to your resolutions and not fall behind on your goals. The following are nine of the best apps for following through on your resolutions in 2021, depending on your specific fitness goals. 



MyFitnessPal (fitness & weight loss)

MyFitnessPal allows you to track your fitness goals. It includes a calorie counter for items you are about to buy at the store, which makes it perfect for those that have weight loss resolutions. It is also compatible with Apple Watch so you can always have it with you everywhere you go. 

Simple Habit

Simple Habit is a meditation app. It is developed by a team of Harvard Psychologists and currently includes over 500 meditations. This is useful for ensuring you are able to meet your meditation goals and balancing doing so with your busy schedule. 


Strides is perfect if you have a resolution to break a bad habit in 2021. The app allows you to break your goals down into small chunks, and you can track your progress over time. Whether you want to quit smoking or end procrastination, Strides is a helpful tool. 


Pause is an innovative way to relax and become more stress-free. Rather than traditional meditation, Pause is a relaxing app that has you move shapes around to music that produces a calming effect, allowing you to relax and feel your stress fade away. 


If one of your resolutions is to travel more in 2021, then Skyscanner is the app for you. Skyscanner can save you money and encourage you to travel by showing you great deals on flights, car rentals, hotels and more. It also allows you to plan and organize your trips. 


Wunderlist is ideal for you if you want to become more organized this year. It allows you to share with other people and create task lists to stay on track. It has tons of unique features all for free.


Qapital is the perfect app for staying organized and responsible financially. It allows you to save money on specific purchases, set aside part of your income for tax purposes (ideal for independent contractors) and much more. 


Scribd gives you access to a range of magazines, ebooks, novels, audiobooks and more. This is perfect for those who have a New Year’s resolution to read more. It also includes all of the most popular publications, so you can stay informed on the most recent news. 


Duolingo allows you to learn a new language on your mobile device or tablet. They offer lessons in 23 languages, so you can meet your New Year’s resolution to learn a new language much more effortlessly.


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