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Bathroom Remodel Checklist

This summer is the time to cross the bathroom remodel off your to do list and get a bathroom that adds more value to your home. A beautiful bathroom can make your morning routine much more pleasant and make the house look great. However, it is important to know how to remodel your home properly to avoid spending too much or being displeased with the end result. The following is a step-by-step checklist on how to carry out your entire bathroom project successfully without breaking the bank or taking longer than you would like to finish the project.



Establish Your Budget

The first step in the remodel process is to determine your budget before doing anything else. A common misconception many have is that a bathroom remodel is too expensive, which leads many to continue putting the project off and nothing ever gets done. However, a bathroom remodel can be completed in a cost-efficient manner as long as you establish your budget up front and establish your needs around the amount you have allotted to complete the project. Whether you want a full remodel and have the money available to do so or want to make a few small changes on a limited budget, you can make your bathroom look great with a bathroom remodel.

Determine Your Needs

After you establish your budget, it is then time to determine the need for the project. Be sure to do a thorough analysis of what aspects of your bathroom you like and what parts need to be repaired or replaced, which might include the sink, cabinets, shower and toilet. For a complete remodel, you might also want to choose the type of flooring you want, decide on the type of lighting and choose a new paint color. Every bathroom remodel is unique, and it is important to determine your own needs to achieve the bathroom of your dreams inside your home.

Create a Timeline

The next step in the process is to create a timeline for the project, and it is crucial to do so as many start to put the project off or become frustrated if things are not completed fast enough. When setting your timeline, be sure to remain realistic and give yourself an adequate amount of time to finish each project. At the same time, however, a sense of urgency can go a long way in completing your remodel in a timely manner. By examining each need individually, determining if professional help is needed for each project, you can determine a realistic timeline to finish each step of the bathroom remodel.

Get The Bathroom of Your Dreams

The last step in the process is to stay consistent and carry out your timeline. There are certain to be obstacles along the way, and try not to become frustrated if a task takes longer or cost more than you expected. When issues arise, stay calm, make logical adjustments where it is needed and keep your eye on the prize – which is a bathroom you are going to love for a long time to come.

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