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Artificial vs Real Christmas Tree – Which One to Choose for Your Home

It’s December, which means it is time to pick out a Christmas tree. Like every year, most households are faced with the difficult question as to whether or not they should get a real Christmas tree or choose an artificial tree.

Both fake and real Christmas trees have their advantages as well as their drawbacks. By fully understanding the pros and cons of each, you and your family should be able to make the right decision on a tree this Christmas season.


Artificial Christmas Tree

A fake Christmas tree – or an artificial Christmas tree – certainly has its advantages to consider. With an artificial Christmas tree, you can decorate your home with style this Christmas season, while saving money and time that may otherwise be required with a live tree.


There are certainly a lot of benefits to choosing an artificial Christmas tree, and many find a fake Christmas tree to be much more of a practical solution during the holidays.

Here are the biggest advantages of an artificial Christmas tree:

  • More cost-effective
  • Less maintenance required
  • Does not create a mess

Unlike a real Christmas tree, an artificial Christmas tree is usually much more cost-effective, especially when considering an artificial Christmas tree can be used long-term, rather than just for one year.

Artificial Christmas trees also do not require much maintenance after assembly and you do not have to worry about needles and leaves falling off and cluttering up your home.


It is hard to find much not to like about an artificial Christmas tree, although there are certain aspects of an artificial Christmas tree to be aware of.

Here are the biggest drawbacks of an artificial Christmas tree:

  • Looks less authentic
  • Assembly is required
  • Needs storage

While an artificial Christmas tree can be a great way to decorate the home and can light up a home during the holidays, they do often appear less authentic and it is obvious that it is an artificial tree in many instances.

Also, it is important to be aware and plan for an assembly process and the need for a place to store the tree after Christmas is over.

Real Christmas Tree

A real Christmas tree is perhaps more sought after than a fake Christmas tree, and it can definitely be a great way to decorate the home and give off a Christmas feel, although there are certain drawbacks to be aware of and plan for when choosing a live Christmas tree.


Many prefer a real Christmas tree as it often looks more authentic and smells great.

Here are the most notable benefits of a real Christmas tree:

  • Looks more authentic
  • Produces a fresh scent
  • The selection process is fun

If you are looking for a Christmas tree that gives off a natural appearance and scent, then a real Christmas tree is the way to go.

Picking a tree out at a tree farm can also be a fun experience, especially for children.


Although there are not many, there are certain drawbacks and concerns to be aware of before choosing a real Christmas tree over a fake Christmas tree, such as the following:

  • More maintenance required
  • Leaves and needles may fall
  • Transport to and from the home

A real Christmas tree oftentimes leaves more of a mess and requires more maintenance than a fake Christmas tree.

It is also important to plan for transporting the tree to the home after picking it out and out of the house once Christmas is over.

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